USP & Vanuatu Cultural Centre Signs MoU

Mr Richard Shing (L), Director, Vanuatu Cultural Centre exchanging the MoU with Dr Krishna Kotra (R), Science Programme Coordinator in the presence of Mr Ruben Markward, Campus Manager (C).

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will allow The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Emalus Campus and the Vanuatu Cultural Centre (VCC) to share research information was signed on 2 October, 2017.

Under the MoU, research information will be disseminated between the parties, joint research activities like seminars/workshops will be organised and VCC will prioritise USP’s students and staff in their research projects carried out in the country.

USP on the other hand will facilitate logistic and administrative support for universities or researchers taking up studies under VCC in Vanuatu.

On behalf of USP, Mr Ruben Markward, Campus Manager expressed much appreciation over this development saying the VCC has a long history of collaboration in research with external agencies.

He expressed gratitude that under this agreement, the VCC will inform USP with the view of being part of research activities in Vanuatu, wherever possible.

“Any opportunity to involve staff and students will be welcome and USP will facilitate support in this regard,” he remarked.

Dr Krishna Kotra, Science Programme Coordinator said USP has been engaged in many research activities in the Pacific and now with this MoU its engagements in Vanuatu would be broadened.

“The participation of students and staff in the research studies hosted by VCC would lead to national capacity-building and especially develop scientific thinking among students,” he said.

He further stated that USP’s Emalus Campus is working with reputable universities and research institutes.

“USP’s aim is to facilitate practical knowledge along with theory being taught to our students,” he concluded.

Mr Richard Shing, Director, VCC, said he was impressed with the approach by Dr Kotra to facilitate students and staff participation in the projects being underway.

“I felt that this is the very need for the country to have our next generation with the expert and knowledge disseminated for our development as well. It is also good for incoming researchers to have USP students in outer islands as well to serve their research needs.

“I am glad that the VCC-USP MoU has been sealed and we would work formally in strengthening our relations,” he noted.

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