Student Welfare & Campus Life

The USP Samoa – Student Welfare and Campus Life Section is entrusted with the responsibility for the provision of services that foster a sense of community and promote physical, social and intellectual growth and development among students in an atmosphere of understanding, responsibility, tolerance and sensitivity. Specifically, the services provided are in the areas of:

  • orientation and campus life activities,
  • sports and recreation,
  • health and wellness,
  • counselling, and
  • accommodation.

The Student Welfare Officer, Ms. Ronna Lee, is always at your service. Her contact details are as follows:

Email: | Phone: 21671 ext 333 | Mobile: 7700605

The Counselling Service at the University of the South Pacific, Samoa Campus, is a service department within the Division of the Student Welfare Office that is designed to provide individual, group and couples counseling services to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

The Student Welfare Officer will assist you with self-help resources and strategies and recommend referrals.

The SWO will listen without judgment and we encourage you to utilise this service and to view it as an integral part of your university support system. This service will provide you with practical tools to strengthen your personal awareness and help you to manage your current stressors.  Our overarching aim is to help you to develop in ways that allow you to take advantage of the educational and personal growth opportunities at the USP Samoa Campus.

To schedule an appointment: 

Call 21671 Ext. 333, email lee-r(at) or come to the Student Welfare Office.

There is a Medical Clinic located on Campus.  Medical care includes visits with our registered Nurse, consultations with our team of Medical Doctors, prescriptions, referrals to specialists, laboratory tests and X-rays at the National Hospital at Motootua.

Medical Team and visiting hours during the Semester





Namulauulu Dr Nuualofa Potoi

10.00am – 1.00pm


Dr Silaulelei Asaua

10.00am – 1.00pm


Lemamea Dr Limbo Fiu

10.00am – 1.00pm


Dr Potoi/Dr Asaua (alternate)

10.00am – 1.00pm


Lemamea Dr Limbo Fiu

10.00am – 1.00pm

Lemamea Dr Limbo Fiu is a male doctor for those who prefer to see a male doctor.

Registered Nurse, Ms Nanise Simanu – 9.30am – 1.30pm (Monday – Friday)

Who is eligible?

Only USP full-time overseas students who have paid an annual health services fee are entitled to be seen by the Medical Team and receive treatment. If specialised medical treatment is required, the doctors will refer you to the National hospital. The doctors will also provide you with a medical certificate if they feel you are unwell to attend your classes.

Please note the following:

  • The non-student spouse and family are NOT covered.
  • Dental and optical treatments are NOT covered.
  • Treatment and hospitalization at a private hospital is NOT covered.

Location and Opening Hours:

The Medical Clinic is situated in the Student Village close to the female quarters. It is open Monday to Friday from 10am – 1.00pm during the semester and from 12pm – 1:00pm during the semester break.

Outside of these hours, students can either approach their Resident Assistants, or the Student Welfare Officer for assistance. The Security Officers are also on hand to assist in emergency cases.

The Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital, a public medical centre, is about 15 minutes from the campus and costs SAT $15.00 by taxi.

The Student Village is divided into separate quarters for men, women and married couples. There are 13 Halls of Residence; Within the Village grounds is located the TV room, the medical clinic and the laundry. The farm, dining hall, and classrooms are only a 5 minute walk from your living quarters.

All rooms have a bed, a wall-mounted bookshelf, a table, a chair and a closet. The double rooms are set up for double occupancy with wall fans as an added feature.

Resident Assistants (RA) are appointed at the beginning of the semester and responsible for the overall supervision of the house’s activities as well as the welfare of the house’s residents.

RA’s are issued with an electric jug, iron, telephone (internal calls only) and cleaning equipment, basic first aid essentials and candles.

Housekeeping and Laundry Facilities

The Student Welfare Officer supervises the laundry matron and cleaners responsible for the cleanliness of the Residential area, common room areas when required, all accommodation before and after occupancy and the weekly supply of clean bed linen.  Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and personal laundry.  RAs are responsible for the scheduling of residents to clean shared common room areas.

Each Dorm area has washtubs and a clothes line for washing and drying clothes. Alternatively the laundry is open to students Monday – Friday from 8.00a.m – 3.30p.m. Please note following student rates per load. Always ask for a receipt.

Washing – $5.00

Drying – $5.00

Room Reservation

Preference is given to first year students followed by returning residents and then other students.

All first year students (both private and sponsored):
Students/sponsors need to apply to the Student Welfare Officer for reservation of room no later than the 31st December.

Returning residents:
Forms will be distributed to residents in November each year for reservation of rooms for the following year.

Postgraduate students and others:
Students/sponsors need to apply to the Student Welfare Officer for reservation of room no later than the 31st December. There are other options available for postgraduate students, please ask.

Female Quarters:

Single room: Teuila, Suni, Ferila
Shared quarters: Foketi, Fagamanu

Male Quarters:

Single room: Rosa, Puataunofo, Pele, Oliana, Aute
Shared Quarters: Tamaligi

Married Quarters:

Oketi, Mosooi

Note: Single room for male and female students can be altered depending on demand.


The campus has a 24 hour, 7 day a week security service. Security Officers provide general protection of people and property on campus, but both staff and students are expected to take responsibility for their own safety and the security of their personal belongings.

Security Officers are posted at the main gate, patrol the campus regularly and are expected to submit written reports on any irregular events observed during their patrol.

Issues occurring after hours, including lost/misplaced room keys, should seek the assistance of the Security Officers on duty.

Sports and recreational entail activities that help to promote and improve fitness and general health of the body.

USP Samoa Campus has fields for students, faculty and staff to play an array of sports.  Students can enjoy playing volleyball, soccer and or touch rugby on the upper field by the Student village.

The multipurpose court provides space for the basketball/netball enthusiasts.  Sports equipment can be borrowed from the Student Welfare office.

Campus Gym

The gym is open to all Staff, Students and their families. We have a roster of volunteers who will open and monitor the use of the gym.













Membership for the gym is payable at the Finance office.

Membership Category

Membership Fee


$10/ Semester



*Family & Friends


*Family members must be accompanied by a student or staff

Campus Sports Courts & Fields

Courts & Fields

Hourly rate

Basketball Court


Volleyball Court


Netball Court


Rugby/Soccer Field


Watch out for inter-school competitions as well as many opportunities to participate in Family Day events, Zumba and Exercise activities, a chance to learn a dance routine from around the region, hiking trips and much more.

The cafeteria is open to students, staff and visitors. To ensure customer satisfaction, menus are planned by the catering staff in consultation with the Student Welfare Officer and Resident Assistants. Residential students who have special dietary requirements are to fill out a specific form and submit it to the Student Welfare Officer so that alternative meals can be planned.

The cafeteria is closed on the weekends. However, there are a number of bakeries and mini supermarkets about 15 – 20 minutes walk from the main gate.

In downtown Apia, $8.00 by taxi, there is a variety of food outlets including:

  • Gourmet Seafood Restaurant, Saleufi, $10.00 – $18.00 for fish and chips and burger meals
  • Sunrise Takeaways, Saleufi, $10.00 – $15.00 for combination meals.
  • Pinati’s Restaurant, Saleufi, $6.00 – $10.00 for combination meals

There are also roadside barbeques averaging $10.00 on the weekends and don’t forget to visit the market at Fugalei for fruits, vegetables and local cuisine.

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