Academic Dress

Description of Academic Dress

Members of the University must appear at its public ceremonies in their prescribed dress.  For graduation you must hire, borrow, or buy the appropriate academic dress as listed below:

  • Gown – there are three types of gowns:
    i.   a light tapa brown colour gown for Certificates, Diplomas and Bachelors degree
    ii.  a dark tapa brown colour gown for Master Degree, Master of Philosophy, Master of the University, Postgraduate Diploma, and Postgraduate Certificate
    iii. a blue indian silk gown for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Hood – the hood is a simple cowl lined at the rear with the degree colour
  • Trencher – the headgear, are in three colours:
    i.  a light tapa brown colour for Bachelors Degree
    ii.  a dark tapa brown colour for Master Degree
    iii.  a blue Indian silk for Doctor of the University, Honorary Degree

What to wear with your Academic Dress?

There is no prescribed dress code, but most graduands chose to wear smart, semi-formal day wear with their academic dress.  Please be aware that the Graduation day involves alot of walking, including going up and down stairs, so high heels may not be practical.

Salusalu’s and equivalent ceremonial garlands of other cultures may be worn with the academic dress.

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