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Bula! Congratulations on your admission to The University of the South Pacific. Before you embark on your studies this semester, we would like to ensure that you have all the correct information in relation to your studies. Please click on the links provided below for valuable information that will assist you with your registration.

Enrolment Pack

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Ensure that your enrolment for the semester is on track by referring to the Enrolment Checklist

2024 Academic Dates

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OMDT information for Semester 1 2024 will be updated soon.

Regional and international students approved to study at USP Laucala campus, Fiji are advised to read and familiarize themselves with the standard Immigration requirements before submitting Study Permit applications

Note: Students intending to study in Regional Campuses are asked to liaise with the individual campuses on Study Permit processes they will need to follow.

USP Unclassified Foundation (Undergraduate) Programme Studies (click here)

Students admitted to a degree programme in 2010 are only required to take 2 x 100 level university courses (ie. UU114 and UU100) as part of their programme.

Students admitted to a degree programme in 2011 and thereafter are required to take 2 x 100 level and 2 x 200 level university courses (ie. UU100, UU114, UU200 and UU204) as part of their programme.

UU100A: Information Literacy Module 

Flexi School Registrations

UU100A – Information Literacy module will be offered during winter and summer flexi-school terms in Online Mode. The module is primarily designed to develop students Information Literacy Skills required for academic and lifelong learning. Students who are required to complete this module in order to fulfil the requirements of their programme are strongly encouraged to register for this flexi offering to avoid increasing their normal semester workload. Eligibility for registration into UU100A are bound by the following explicit conditions:

Students enrolled into any of the following programme/majors are exempted from UU100 and therefore required to undertake UU100A instead:

·      Single/Double major in Computer Science (CS)

·      Single/Double major in Information Systems (IN)

·      Single/Double major in Accounting (AC)

·      Bachelor of Engineering (BE) – Mechanical and/or Electrical and Electronics streams

·      Bachelor of Geospatial Science (BGS) – Analyst and/or Developer streams

·      Double major in Geospatial Science (GS)

·      Diploma in Geospatial Science (DGS)

*Note: CS/IN/AC major combination with any other major not mentioned above (for e.g. Management and Information Systems double major students) are required to undertake UU100A + an additional 100-level course and not UU100 in order for them to accurately meet the 8X8X8 structure requirement for their undergraduate programme. Without a double major combination from the above exempted list students are not permitted to undertake UU100A but must complete UU100 instead. BNC and BSE programme students are still required to complete UU100 full semester course due to ACS accreditation requirements.

Please note that UU100A module will have to be taken in addition to the eight 100-level courses in the first year that is required to be completed as per the 8X8X8 bachelor’s programme structure. This simply means that UU100A will be the ninth course to be completed in Year-1 for students enrolled in the above exempted programme/major list making it a compulsory prerequisite to fulfil before progressing onto 200-level courses.

Should you require further clarification, please contact either of the following:

Find out more information on your programme, courses and USP regulations.

Click here to view the USP Handbook and Calendar.


Persons may apply to study at The University of the South Pacific by submitting an application through the Online Application for Admission Portal. They must meet the general admissions and specific programme requirements in order to be admitted to the University.

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Registration Online

After being admitted to a programme students may register up to the maximum permissible number of courses for the programme in a particular term that they have been admitted to. For the degree of Bachelor students may register for a maximum of 4 courses per semester or 8 courses per annum.

Students must register for at least a course by Friday of Registration Week to avoid being charged the late registration fee; students registering for the first time after Friday of Registration Week will be charged the one-off late registration fee.

Part-Time students may register in less than 75% of the standard annual full-time workload whereas Full-Time students may register in greater than or equal to 75% of the standard annual full-time workload i.e. the standard annual full-time workload for the degree of Bachelor is ≥ 6 registrations per annum or ≥ 3 registrations per semester.

Students may register for course(s) between the opening of the Online Registration Facility and the Add Course deadline.

Students must pass the pre-requisite of a particular course before s/he can register in that course for Bachelors programmes and above.

Students must not have any HOLD(s) in order to register for the relevant course(s).

Click here to view the Registration Online Process Flowchart

Campus Transfer

Registered students may request to move from one campus to another during the semester between Week 1 of Lectures and Add Course deadline. The campus in which the student is currently registered (exiting Campus) will approve and initiate the documentation of the transfer.

In an emergency or under exceptional circumstances, the Dean may approve an application for Campus transfer after the first 2 weeks of the semester. SAS must be informed of such a decision.

Click here to view the Campus Transfer Process Flowchart

Change of Programme

Students are encouraged to review their programme requirements thoroughly before registering for a course(s) in order to avoid late withdrawals and to ensure the course(s) they register for is/are part of their programme for completions purposes.

Students may use the Change of Programme process to change their programme at the same programme level provided they meet the programme general admission and specific requirements of the new programme.

The Change of Programme deadline is the same as the Add Course Deadline for the term in question.

Sponsored students wishing to change their programme must seek the sponsor’s approval first and his or her change of programme application must be accompanied by the sponsor’s approval for the change to be processed.

Students must not have any HOLD(s) in order to change their programme.

Click here to view thChange of Programme Process Flowchart

Course Withdrawal

Registered students may use the Course Withdrawal process to withdraw from course(s) that they do not wish to be registered in.

In order to withdraw without any financial penalty students must withdraw by Friday of Week:

1.      3 of each semester; or

2.      2 of each trimester.

Students will be charged the full tuition fees if withdrawals are done outside these timelines except under ill health or other extenuating circumstances where students must apply through the Request for Course Withdrawal form accompanied by the recommendation of the head of an academic unit to a Dean and supported by verifiable documentary evidence(s).

Sponsored students wishing to withdraw from a course(s) must seek the sponsor’s approval first and his or her course withdrawal application must be accompanied by the sponsor’s approval for the withdrawal to be processed.

Students must not have any HOLD(s) in order to withdraw from the relevant course(s).

Click here to view the Course Withdrawal Process Flowchart

The Academic Honesty Policy is designed to inform and provide guidance to students on the issue of academic honesty at the university and is applicable to any student that is enrolled for a USP course or thesis as part of a USP academic programme. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with this important policy.

The Student Charter is a document developed by the Students Association of USP and the University outlining the responsibilities of both you, as a student, and the University during the course of your studies.

This document applies to all registered students of the University undertaking taught or research programmes throughout our 12 USP regional campuses.


General Information

The USP Career Centre at Campus Life offers a wide range of Career Development Programs which students are able to access.

Get help with planning your career and finding part-time employment while you study. 

USP’s Campus Life is entrusted with the responsibility for the provision of services that foster a sense of community and promote physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth and development among students in an atmosphere of understanding, responsibility, tolerance and sensitivity.

Find out about life as a student, the Students Association, accommodation, health and counselling

The University’s Laucala Campus has 11 Halls of Residence housing 1,073 students and 32 units for married students.

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