Completion of Programme - Application for Foundation and Preliminary

Check Eligibility

Ensure that you have met all the academic requirements for the programme for which you are applying for completion. This typically includes:

  • Completing all required coursework, reports and assignments
  • Ensuring your registration is in order
  • Ensure that you are enrolled in the programme that you are applying to graduate in
  • Settling all fees including accommodation charges
  • Ensure you are not on Hold

Application Process

Students who have successfully completed the USP Foundation and Preliminary programme are eligible for a Certificate of Foundation Studies or the Certificate of Preliminary Studies respectively.

For Preliminary Certificate, students enrolled from 2018 onwards are eligible.

Students completing the bridging Foundation and Preliminary via unclassified studies are not eligible for the Certificate.

Students who have completed the required 8 courses for the Foundation and Preliminary programmes but are not enrolled in the respective programme are supposed to sort their admission/enrollment before applying for Completion of Programme. Those who are not enrolled are not eligible for the certificate.

To obtain your certificate, please submit your application online via the Application for Completion of Foundation and Preliminary Programme form.  CLOSED

Foundation and Preliminary Certificates are processed twice in a year,

31 January

  • Students completing their program in semester 2 need to apply.
  • Application opens in the 3rd week of Semester 2 and closes on 31st October.

31 August

  • Students completing their program in semester 1 need to apply.
  • Application opens in the 3rd week of Semester 1 and closes on 30th June

Ensure you apply before the closing date, as late applications will not be accepted.

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