Verification of USP Qualification

The University’s Student Administrative Services oversees the verification process of students’ qualifications, a crucial step often requested by employers, immigration agencies, and higher education institutions to confirm that a student has graduated from USP. This verification process results in a letter from USP, sent directly to the requesting organization, which outlines all the programs a student has completed. It serves as a means for organizations to ensure the authenticity of received certificates and transcripts.

Requests for verification can be initiated either by the organization or the student.

To initiate your request, please follow these steps:

  • Pre-Payment and Verification fee : Prior to commencing the processing of your request, you must make a pre-payment, which includes a verification fee of FJ$65.00.
  • Request Submission: Lodge a request for Verification of USP Qualification form with a Student Administration Service (SAS) office near you. You can access this form by clicking on this link: Verification form.
  • Payment Options: You can make the payment at the nearest USP Campus, through a USP Bank account, or online via the following link: When using the online payment option, please ensure that you include your STUDENT ID number in the payment NARRATION.
  • Communication for Other Campuses: If you make payments and submit forms at a campus other than Laucala Campus, please inform SAS at Laucala Campus by sending an email with the application and evidence of payment to Aliti Bukarau (email:   and ).

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance regarding the verification of your qualification, please do not hesitate to contact SAS.

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