Welcome to SLS at Lautoka Campus!

What is Student Learning Support (SLS)?

Student Learning Support (SLS) provides academic support to students so that their learning experience is easier and worthwhile. It equips students with the necessary academic and study skills to assist students to achieve their goals while they are studying at Lautoka Campus, USP.

There is a range of services that students can participate in or use free of charge. These services are tailor made to help students tackle and manage the requirements of tertiary education.

Meet Our Campus SLS Specialist

      SLS Staff: Shaleshni Prasad

      Email: prasad_ss@usp.ac.fj

      Ph: (679) 6666800 ext: 1224




How does SLS support you?

The following services are provided for you:

  • Senior Peer Mentoring (SPM) – sessions where students are guided by a high achieving student (SP Mentor) in the same discipline they are studying. Mentors act as ‘study buddies’ for the students, providing them with a collaborative learning environment. This is done both virtually and face to face.
  • Online Student Learning Support on Moodle
  • Self- help study guides on Academic, Study and Numeracy Skills
  • Generic Workshops
  • Drop-In – One to one consultation with Learning Specialist
  • Academic, Study and Numeracy skills resources.
  • E-mentoring consultations– assisting students via email, Zoom, Big Blue Button, React Sessions.
  • Online Peer Mentoring
  • SPM Viber Communities
  • SPM Session Timetable
  • Course Specific Support – Course Specific SLS support such as assessment, resources, interaction, workshops will be through Course Moodle Shell. SLS will work with the Course Coordinator to deliver this.
  • Academic Skills Workshops – a series of workshops both virtual and face to face are conducted throughout the semester on study strategies, learning skills, writing, speaking and reading skills, library research skills, job seeking skills and student support and many more is conducted throughout the semester.
  • Face to Face consultations (Drop-in) – face to face sessions with students who ‘drop-in’ to seek assistance from the Student Learning Specialists at the SLS Hun, 3rd floor, USP Lautoka Campus. Students can also drop in virtually via the SLS & First Year Experience Moodle page under the “Need Assistance” section.
  • Resources – printed and soft copies of study guides on the four modes and other resources for student reference.
  • Debate Series – interschool and interfaculty.


Why do you need to get help from SLS?

It’s very simple!! We Help You Achieve.

We acknowledge that university studies can be challenging. We, thus firmly believe in equipping students with appropriate and relevant study and academic skills that will make their university journey rewarding. With SLS, the following benefits are achievable:

  • Successful transition
  • Deadlines are met
  • Broadens and deepens student’s understanding of subjects
  • Helps develop key study skills and promote independent learning
  • Improves academic performance

Disclaimer: SLS advice and resources are generic in nature. Instructions issued by your Course Lecturers & Course Coordinators always takes priority.

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