Reports to the 19th USPSA Federal Council Meeting


The following Branch Reports were presented at the 19th USPSA Federal Council Meeting by the branch representatives:
  1. Alafua Branch Report presented by- Mr. Luaiufi Dave Joseph Aiono (President USPSA Alafua Branch)
  2. Cook Islands Branch Report -presented by– Misss. Nooroa Tuoro (Interim President of USPSA Cook Islands Campus)
  3. Lautoka Branch Report  -presented by- Mr. Viliame Naulivou (President of USPSA Lautoka Branch)
  4. Laucala Branch Report  -presented by – Mr. Walter Waneoroa (President of USPSA Laucala Branch)
  5. Labasa Branch Report -presented by – Miss. Angylishna Asha (President of USPSA Labasa Branch)
  6. Niue Branch Report -report submitted and noted (rep could not attend due to 50th Anniversary Events at Niue Campus)
  7. Marshall Islands Branch Report -presented by- Miss. Dorothy Manoni (President of USPSA Marshall Islands Branch)
  8. Nauru Branch Report -presented by- Miss Aylesha Tamakin (USPSA Nauru Rep)
  9. Solomon Islands Branch Report -presented by- Mr. Robert Tahitorea (Interim President of USPSA Solomon Islands Branch)
  10. Emalus Branch Report -presented by- Miss Cecelie Dehinavanua (President of USPSA Emalus Branch)
  11. Tonga Branch Report -presented by- Miss. Lily Tano’A (President of USPSA Tonga Branch)
  12. Kiribati Branch Report -presented by- Mr. Karuaki Tebaki (President of USPSA Kiribati Branch)
19th USPSA Federal Council


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