The USPSA Branch’s

Branch constitutions can be accessed here.

The following are branch’s recognized and affiliated with The USPSA.

  1. USPSA Laucala Branch
  2. USPSA Lautoka Branch
  3. USPSA Labasa Branch
  4. USPSA Solomon Islands Branch
  5. USPSA Niue Branch
  6. USPSA Kiribati Branch
  7. USPSA Marshall Islands Branch
  8. USPSA Tokelau Branch
  9. USPSA Alafua Branch
  10. USPSA Emalus Branch
  11. USPSA Tonga Branch
  12. USPSA Nauru Branch
  13. USPSA Cook Islands Branch
  14. USPSA Tuvalu Branch

General By-laws ***PART R – USPSA BRANCHES

1. As per the resolution of the 2nd USPSA Federal Council and further endorsed by the 70th meeting of the USP Council. All Branches of USPSA are to have the following clauses in order to be recognized as a Branch.

A) ARTICLE 1 – ESTABLISHMENT OF A STUDENT’S ASSOCIATION (1) There shall be within The University of the South Pacific’s (Campus Name), a Students’ Association. (2) The name of the Association SHALL BE THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (Campus Name), herein after referred to as the USPSA (Campus Name). (3) This Association Shall be a Branch of the main students body of the university that is The University of the South Pacific Student Association, or in abbreviated form, the USPSA, which shall be its parent and highest governing body. (4) Therefore the USPSA (Campus Name) is obliged and committed to: a) Observe constitution of USPSA, by laws, By-Laws and resolutions. b) take part in the activities of USPSA and all its work or its bodies c) financially contribute to the maintenance and operation of the USPSA by paying membership dues to the USPSA.

B) ARTICLE ON : AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION (1) Article 1 including all its sections and subsections and Article 30 (1) in this Constitution can never be amended at a Special General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. (2) The rest of this Constitution or any of its provision including its sections and subsections may be amended at a Special General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. (The above article on the clause for Amendment of Constitution for the branches have been adopted and endorsed in the 7th Federal Council meeting.)

2. That where a branch is referred to as for example USPSA Laucala Campus Students Association with immediate effect the branches shall be referred to as USPSA Laucala or in other words as USPSA followed by the campus name.

3. That with immediate effect the USPSA and USPSA Federal Office/Body would mean the same thing.

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