The USPSA Strategic Plan 2021-2023

This 3-year strategy aims to achieve the USPSA vision of Achieving the best experience possible for students as they navigate through University”, founded on ethical leadership and effective organization.

The USPSA Transformative Strategy, will better empower USPSA to create an environment where each student can realize the inherent potential to be a leader in any of the various aspects of societies in our Blue Pacific. It is the first of its kind since the USPSA’s operations and we hope that it establishes a platform for improvement into the future. This document is categorized in thematic areas linking to philosophical perspectives from disciplines such as: human resource management, organizational development and governance. These approaches embrace strong leadership, workforce capabilities, governance framework, business systems and procedures and organization structural relevancy to deliver services.

Please note that the implementation of the USPSA Transformative Strategy has been affected due to leadership changes at USPSA and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, the Strategy will be expanded beyond 2021 up to 2023 as a result of slow progress due to COVID-19 Crisis. The complete document is accessible here,  any queries can be forwarded to the Deputy Secretary General – (In-Charge of this Transformative Plan) Mr. Aneet Kumar on:  with subject as USPSA Strat Plan.


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