Executive Student Officers of USPSA


President USPSA and Chair of the USP Student Council 

Mr. Christopher Siliva

Contact Details: USP Nauru Campus

Email: president_uspsa@usp.ac.fj





Vice-President USPSA and Deputy Chair of the USP Student  Council

Ms. Adi Salote Duaibe BSC. SPac

Contact Details: USP Federal Office, Laucala Campus

Email: vp_uspsa@usp.ac.fj   Tel: +(679) 3232433




These student officers hold office for 1 year term only, election happens every year in the 2nd Student Council Meeting.

The office of President and Vice-President must rotate every year between Laucala Campus (being the headquarters of USPSA) and the regional campuses for equity and fairness. The student officers do not manage the Association on a day to day basis, they work closely with the Secretary General to ensure that the resolutions of the Student Council are well implemented and set policy directions via various committees of the Council.


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