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One Ocean, One People

Wansolwara is the regional news publication produced by USP’s Journalism Programme. The publication was first produced as a newspaper in 1996, but is now primarily published online via www.usp.ac.fj/wansolwaranews

Wansolwara is an independent award-winning newspaper that was founded by students 27 years ago. It is the longest surviving student publication in the Pacific region with the largest circulation of any student newspaper in the Pacific and Australia.

Wansolwara” is pidgin for ‘one ocean, one people’ and the newspaper covers local and regional stories. The news site also showcases students’ radio and television news podcasts.

Our student journalists have covered the 2000 coup in Fiji, national elections, major sporting events, economic development, natural disasters, the environment, climate change and student issues.

Former USP Journalism/Wansolwara alumni have also become distinguished journalists in Fiji and abroad.


DISCLAIMER: Wansolwara News is an independent journalism student training publication under the USP Journalism Programme. Views expressed are not shared by The University of the South Pacific.


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