Agreement to advance landowners’ economic empowerment

LTA Acting CEO Irimaia Rokosawa (right) and TLTB Interim CEO Solomoni Nata formalise the MOU in Suva last Friday 19.01.24. Picture: SUPPLIED/LTA
LTA Acting CEO Irimaia Rokosawa (right) and TLTB Interim CEO Solomoni Nata (middle) sign the MOU as TLTB Board Secretary Salimoni Karusi (left) looks on. Picture: SUPPLIED/LTA


A LANDMARK memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed last week signifies a collaborative commitment to advance landowners’ economic empowerment and foster strategic information sharing.

Signed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the iTaukei Lands Trust Board (TLTB), the MOU marks a significant milestone in fostering stronger ties between the LTA and TLTB, laying the foundation for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

In a media release issued today LTA acting chief executive officer Irimaia Rokosawa said the agreement established a framework for co-sharing vital information that would play a pivotal role in facilitating access to development opportunities and enhancing the economic participation of landowners.

TLTB Board Secretary Salimoni Karusi (left) and LTA Manager Corporate Governance Litea Tikoinayau witness the MOU documents at the signing in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED/TA

According to the acting CEO some of the key provisions of the MOU include the commitment of both parties to actively contribute towards the common goal of empowering landowners economically.

“By engaging in a collaborative exchange of information, the LTA and TLTB aim to bridge gaps and create synergies that will contribute to inclusive and sustainable development,” Mr Rokosawa said.

“The cooperative effort outlined in the MOU aligns with the Fijian Government’s Development Action Plan(s). Both the LTA and TLTB recognise the importance of playing supportive roles in cultivating creative business opportunities that resonate with the national development agenda.”

Mr Rokosawa said the MOU also reflected a shared commitment to realizing economic empowerment for landowners and underscored the organisations’ dedication to advancing the socio-economic landscape of Fiji.

He said under the MOU, both parties agree to provide and deliver the services required of landowners in a manner that was transparent, accountable and effective, in accordance with Fiji’s applicable laws.

Through this partnership, he said the LTA and TLTB were focused on catalysing innovative ventures that not only adhered to governmental priorities but also contributed to the overall economic advancement of the Fijian people.

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