Reaffirmation Review Process for 2023 and 2024

The University is scheduled for WSCUC Reaffirmation Review, beginning with an Offsite Review in 2023 and culminating in an Accreditation Visit in the first half of 2024. This review process will determine whether or not we are in compliance with WSCUC standards of accreditation, upon which the Commission will either reaffirm accreditation for the 2024–2030 accreditation cycle, issue a formal notice of concern, issue a warning, implement probation or withdraw accreditation.

There are two components of the reaffirmation review process, also referred to as the Institutional Review Process (IRP): the Offsite Review (for which we submit a self-study/review) followed by a Reaffirmation Visit (involving external peer review).

As part of self-review, the institution is required to gather evidence and data and analyse its functionality against the WSCUC standards of accreditation. The review appraises every element of the institution, from its vision, mission, leadership, policies and procedures, to staffing and student support. These self-review processes are necessary for the completion of the ‘Compliance with WSCUC Standards and Federal Requirements Worksheet’, which the University submits as part of the Institutional Report to demonstrate how the WSCUC standards and Criteria for Review (CFRs) are embedded in our University policies and processes. All claims must be supported with evidence and analysis. The University self-review findings will be documented in these required.

The WSCUC deadline for (1) the Compliance with WSCUC Standards and Federal Requirements Worksheet and (2) the Institutional Report is 6 July 2023.

The WSCUC Review Panel will then meet with University representatives on 15 September 2023 (virtual conference). Here they will pose any further questions and request any further data or evidence, which the University is required to submit by 30 January 2024. The submission of additional required documentation to WSCUC marks the end of the offsite review and the beginning of the onsite review. The WSCUC onsite review (Accreditation Visit) is scheduled for 26–28 March 2024 at Laucala Campus.

As with the Initial Accreditation process completed in 2018, the Reaffirmation Review is comprehensive and requires full buy-in from the University community. The USP Senior Management Team (SMT) has therefore approved the working groups and working plans proposed by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education) and has officially made this Reaffirmation Review Process an Institutional Priority calling for cooperation and support from all sections of the University.


For more details on the Reaffirmation Review Process, please contact the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education).