Campus Life Facility Booking

The Facility Booking Portal is designed to enhance convenience and accessibility for the USP community. We are excited to offer this resource at no cost to all active staff and students of the University. With this portal, reserving our Campus Life Facilities has never been easier.

To make a booking, simply send an email to Campus Life at Our dedicated team will promptly assist you in securing the facility that suits your needs. From meetings to recreational activities, the portal caters to a wide range of requirements.

One of the key benefits of the Facility Booking Portal is the integrated calendar that displays confirmed bookings for various facilities. This transparency allows you to conveniently check availability and plan accordingly.

The Campus Life Facilities available for booking include:

  • Marine Ground
  • Marine Ground with Bure
  • Basketball Court (Statham Campus)
  • Maile Ground 2
  • Maile Ground 3
  • Vaturara Ground
  • Cycling Track
  • Maniyaba
  • Statham Ground
  • Sea Food Village

To stay updated on confirmed bookings, simply follow the link: Click Here

We encourage you to take advantage of this intuitive and streamlined booking system. The Facility Booking Portal is designed to empower you, our valued community members, in making the most of our diverse facilities. For any inquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Campus Life at

House Keeping Rules – (Campus Life Sporting Facilities)

We are excited to provide you with access to our Campus Life Sporting facilities to enhance your recreational experiences on campus. To ensure a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for all users, we kindly request that you adhere to the following housekeeping rules while using the facilities:

  • Hours of Operation: The ground facilities will be open from [8am] to [6pm]. Please limit your usage to these designated hours.
  • Cleanliness: Help us maintain a clean and attractive environment by disposing of trash in the bins. Leave the area as you found it, or even better!
  • Respectful Behavior: Show consideration for others using the grounds. Refrain from engaging in disruptive or disrespectful behavior that could negatively impact the experience of fellow users.
  • No Smoking or Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the USP compounds/facilities to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.
  • Pets Policy: For the safety and comfort of all users, pets are not allowed in the Campus sporting facilities.
  • Sports Equipment: If you plan to engage in sports activities, bring your own equipment. Avoid using any equipment that is not designed for the specific activity.
  • Personal Belongings: Please do not leave personal belongings unattended. The management is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Emergency Exits: Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits and evacuation procedures in case of any unforeseen situations.
  • Facility Closures: The ground facilities may be closed for maintenance or special events. Stay informed about any closures through campus announcements or our official website.
  • Compliance with University Policies: Abide by all university policies and guidelines while using the ground facilities.
  • Reporting Issues: If you notice any safety hazards, damages, or maintenance concerns, please report them to the Campus Life Office or the Sports Office promptly.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these housekeeping rules. By working together, we can ensure that the sporting facilities remain a positive and enjoyable space for everyone in the campus community.

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