Self Employment

Self-employment is the next big thing in starting your own business. Because you are your own boss you have more influence over your own business, shape the direction you want your business to follow and get much more flexibility on your income and expenditure.

Engaging in a small business initiative also assists your family members and you can create a legacy for your family by engaging your family members as your employees thus growing the family business. Here at USP you can learn about Starting your own businesses by attending the USP Entrepreneurial Fairs that are conducted at USP during semester 1. During the Fairs you will learn business development ideas that you can utilize in starting your  business. You can also learn how to put together a good business proposal or a business plan.

Our next Entrepreneurial Fair is scheduled from Monday 17 – Friday 21 February 2020. Please bookmark these dates and attend the Fair. Come and find the support you need to start of your business, educate yourself and be motivated. Entrepreneurial spirit in action.

To know more about the Entrepreneurial Fair 2020 please download our APP and stay in tune for more updates. Follow download instructions on the flier.

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