Multimedia Services

The Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) offers a wide range of multimedia services in quality and innovative educational media technology, including services in audio, video, graphics, photography, animation, interactive multimedia, web design, electronic publishing and digitization. CFL also provides workshops, training and advice in all aspects of digital media production and design such as graphic design, desktop publishing, photography and other related techniques, audio video production and editing, web, multimedia production and creative design.


(a) For Learning and Teaching needs:

Please contact the assigned/respective Learning Designer or Education Technologist from the Centre for Flexible Learning, who will then liaise and work with the Multimedia Team.

(b) For non-learning and teaching needs within USP

Please note that multimedia works done for non-learning and teaching needs within USP will incur a fee. Please contact Dr. Rajni Chand or Sarome Seeto.

Dr. Rajni Chand
Director for CFL