External Review of Flexible Learning at the University of the South Pacific

In July 2020 The University of the South Pacific (USP) appointed a Review Panel to conduct an external review of its Centre for Learning and Teaching (CFL). The international Review Panel was comprised of higher education experts from both Australia and New Zealand, each of whom had specific expertise across the full range of areas relevant to the consideration of the roles and value of a central learning and teaching unit. 

The Panel was provided with a Terms of Reference, the previous Review Report (2014) and access to a range of other related documents. They were also able to access the University’s online learning and teaching environment to view current examples of learning and teaching delivery. Finally, over a three day period (19 – 21 Aug) the Panel met with a range of students and staff from across the many nations that together form the USP family. In addition to this, the Panel met prior to this three day period to consider it’s approach and it has met subsequent to it in the completion and finalization of the Report. 

The panel was tasked with assessing strengths and gaps in existing practices and processes related to the coherence of the FL strategy and with providing the Vice Chancellor and the senior management team (SMT) with recommendations, commendations and affirmations of progress that can contribute to USP’s further development.

The report can be downloaded by clicking here.

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