Accounting and Finance Students Association (AFSA)

USPAFSA was formed in 2008 and was officially launched by Professor Arvind Patel. All students enrolled in a major or minor in Accounting, Banking and Finance at undergraduate or post graduate level are members of this organization. USPAFSA provides an excellent opportunity for students to cooperate and discuss issues with the school.

USPAFSA has created a Moodle Shell so all students can be informed about news and events relating to the school. It also provides a means for better communication with other students and staff.

USPAFSA assists during the annual Open Day and also organizes social events for members.

Forward any queries to the AFSA Convenor:

Ms. Masilina Rotuivaqali

Phone: 32 32517


AFSA Office Bearers

Mr. Sazid Arshad Buksh


Mr. Shivneel Reddy
Mr. Shahil Shaiz Khan
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