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About CSSP

The Chemical Society of the South Pacific inaugurated in 1985. Since its inception, the Society has been responsible for promoting Chemistry, particularly in the Pacific Region. This has been achieved through workshops, symposiums, outreach activities and competitions. Schools had shown interest in Biology competitions and for the past 5 years Bio- battle had also been part of the competition. Over the years, numerous schools in the Pacific Region have also become members of the CSSP.


The objective for which the Society is established is the general advancement of chemical science and its application for the development of the South Pacific and for that purpose:

  1. to foster and encourage the growth and application of such science by the dissemination of chemical knowledge within the South Pacific;
  2. to establish, uphold and advance the standards of qualification, competence and conduct of those who practice chemistry as a profession in the South Pacific;
  3. to serve the public interest by acting in an advisory, consultative or representative capacity in matters relating to the science and practice of chemistry;
  4. to promote honorable practice, to repress malpractice, to settle disputed points of practice and to decide all questions of professional usage and etiquette;
  5. to advance the aims and objectives of members of the Society so far as they relate to the advancement of the science or practice of chemistry;
  6. to admit any person to be a member (honorary or otherwise) of the Society upon such terms and to confer on him such rights and privileges as may be determined from time to time and to suspend, expel or remove from membership any such person;
  7. to subscribe to, support or co-operate with any other association, society of institute whether incorporated or not whose objects are similar to those of the Society;
  8. to collect and circulate statistics and other information relevant to any branch of chemistry;
  9. to purchase, print, publish, issue and circulate such papers, periodicals, leaflets and other literary undertakings as may appear relevant to any of the objects of the Society;
  10. to take any gift of property, whether subject to any special trust or not, for any one or more of the objects of the Society;
  11. to take any other lawful steps to promote the progress of chemistry and the welfare of those engaged in its study and practice.


The Chemical Society of the South Pacific has received recognition from the numerous industriess and institutes. This year’s sponsors are CDP International Courier Services, Laucala Bay Pharmacy and Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment, University of the South Pacific.

CSSP Competitions 2017

Since its inauguration in 1985, the Society has been responsible for promoting Chemistry, particularly in the South Pacific Region. This has been achieved mainly through the competitions that are organized annually. Over the years, numerous schools around Fiji and The South Pacific have participated in these events.

Similar to other years, the preliminary round of competitions was held in June and secondary schools from around Fiji were invited to participate in Chem-Knowledge Battle, Bio-Battle and Titration Competitions. However, in consideration of the challenges brought on by Tropical Cyclone Winston, the competitions were run free of charge this year.

USP’s Laucala Campus, Xavier College, Nadi Muslim College, and Labasa Sangam College served as the hosts to this event to cater for students from all the four divisions. The performance of the students was very encouraging and there is no doubt that the qualifying schools will again deliver their best in the final round of the competitions. This promises to be just as competitive as the preliminary rounds.

The highly anticipated final rounds will take place on Saturday, the 9th of September. This will culminate with the CSSP Awards Ceremony, an event in which all participants, parents and stakeholders are invited to attend.

2017 Executive Committee

  • President: Dr. Francis Mani
  • Vice-President: Ms. Riteshma Devi
  • Secretary: Ms. Prayna Maharaj
  • Treasurer: Ms. Roselyn Lata
  • EC members: Dr. Katy Soapi, Ms. Joslin Lal, Ms. Ravina Devi.

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