AMBA Accreditation

In the year 2013, the Graduate School of Business finally achieved the much-awaited International accreditation for 3 years from the Association of MBA’s (AMBA). This accreditation is an official recognition that USP’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme offered by GSB is of comparable standards to those offered by other premier business schools around the world. AMBA is the only international professional body connecting MBA students and graduates, hundreds of accredited business schools and MBA employers in over 110 countries. The AMBA accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education and is earned only by the best programmes in the world after a 4-stage accreditation process. It is also a commitment to developing standards in global postgraduate management education.

 According to the MBA Assessment report, the Association noted there is clear evidence of the commitment of USP’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) to meeting the needs of the South Pacific region. “The contribution of the School to the socio-economic development and social impact of the region is laudable and closely matches the mission of the University,” the report noted.

The Association also observed that the development of, and investment in, a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that assists MBA delivery in a challenging geographical environment, has enabled USP to be at the leading edge of management education in the region and extend access to a diverse population. “USP has fostered strong relationships with industry and commerce, providing access to senior corporates to enhance the MBA learning experience,” the Association noted.

Within the 3 years of accreditation, the graduate school of business introduced the GSB admission test in 2015 as per the requirements of the AMBA assessment committee and to gain entry into the MBA programme, some level of managerial experience became an imperative requirement. These requirements helped us to further establish an elite group of senior executives and professionals from diverse industries. Our students are not only from the business environment but also from technical backgrounds – apart from managers we have teachers, nurses and civil engineers taking up the MBA programme. This programme empowers valuable networking opportunities to participants from the region and those from organizations initiating or expanding their presence in the area.

Due to the relevance and quality of our MBA programme, the Graduate School of Business has again attained a 3-year AMBA re-accreditation in September 2022. This proves that our programme is still one of the best MBA programmes in the Oceania region. While the programme is global, significant emphasis is placed on the South Pacific region.

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