Since 2005, GSB has been organising functions for its alumni in Suva, the Cook Islands, the Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu. The database of alumni created in 2005 currently contains details of 981 alumni. The GSB is in the process of launching a registered association of the MBA alumni members in 2013.

The university also maintains an alumni office and supports GSB alumni activities. That office is responsible for managing an alumni database; developing alumni contacts and networks; building alumni relations; assisting in formation of alumni chapters/groups/networks; facilitating communication with all relevant stakeholders; organising alumni events such as reunions and alumni weekends; and producing alumni merchandise.

The GSB has supported an Alumni Network and provided support to the alumni-led initiatives such as an annual meeting (corporate evening), welcoming new MBA graduates to the Alumni Network and providing a forum to share ideas and enhance the MBA experience. Currently, the alumni hold an advisory position in the MBA Programme Advisory Committee, the current Chair of which is an alumnus. The school has started an alumni newsletter to keep in regular touch with its alumni and provide networking opportunities to its students. Substantial numbers of MBA graduates are holding senior executive positions, such as CEOs, Permanent Secretaries, and Director Generals in the region. Examples include the Minister for Finance in the Cook Islands, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, the CEO of the Republic of Marshall Islands Energy Corporation, the CEO of Samoa Broadcasting Corporation, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Finance (Budget) in Tonga, the CEO of the Solomon Islands Ports Corporation, and in Fiji the CEO Home Finance Limited, the CEO of Land Transport Authority, the CEO of Housing Authority and the CEO of Water Authority of Fiji.

GSB organised an Alumni networking cocktail party on Friday, 30 August 2013 at the GSB Conference room, Statham Campus – ICT Park, Suva. This occasion provided its Alumni with a great opportunity to meet their classmates, share their MBA programme experience and to network with them in a social environment. The programme was officially opened by the MBA Programme Advisory Committee Chair, Mr Isikeli Tikoduadua. The School also launched its first ever Alumni Newsletter at this forum. The Programme was deemed a great success as almost 120 Alumni members participated in this event.

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