Charan praises USP’s MBA programme


Meenit Suryadeo Charan, a native of Ba, Fiji, who now lives in Sydney, Australia, believes the University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme was a fulfilling experience that allowed him to apply his knowledge of business operations.

“It was a highly fulfilling experience in many areas and it introduced me to a whole new way of thinking. Since then, it has aided me in my job,” he remarked.

Charan is an Electrical Engineer by profession and now works as a senior consultant in a Sydney-based engineering consultancy firm.

He mentioned that choosing subjects to explore and present for projects was one of the challenges he faced while earning his MBA, which he overcame through group brainstorming sessions.

His favourite part of the programme was meeting new people.

“I liked working in groups and making sure my finest work was shown in my projects,” Charan said.

According to Charan, the MBA programme will undoubtedly assist students in establishing a successful profession.

“It’s a fun programme with its own set of problems, which can be easily handled while working as a team. This curriculum will benefit from your work experience and completing the programme will give you a sense of accomplishment that you will be proud of,” he continued.

He went on to say that the programme was intellectually stimulating, helping one’s thinking skills.

“Be a good listener and set aside time to listen to other people’s thoughts and experiences. Engage in positive criticism all the time, and you’ll have friends for life,” Charan urged.

Charan was also a gold medalist when he graduated with an MBA in 2002.

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