Faculty From USP

Professor Arvind Patel is the Professor of Accounting and is the Head of School of Accounting and Finance, FBE, USP. Graduate of the University of South Pacific (BA), University of New South Wales (MCom) and University of Queensland (PhD). Members of Certified Public Accountants (Aust), Fiji Institute of Accountants and Board member of Fiji Institute of Internal Auditors. Have served or am serving on various university committees, including the senate, academic standards and quality committee, faculty board, faculty executive committee, faculty staff review committee, faculty publications committee, faculty research committee and senior treasurer of USPSA. Published in leading international journals. Research interest includes; corporate governance, auditing, financial reporting, ethics and gender studies. Contributes extensively to community work in various capacities.


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Professor Anand Chand is the Head of School of School of Management and Public Administration, FBE, USP. He has a BA (Tasmania, Australia), Post-Graduate Diploma (USP), Diploma in Business Studies (Canterbury, NZ), MA in Human Resource (USP), MA in Research Methods (Manchester, UK), PhD (University of Cardiff, Wales, UK). He has been teaching, conducting research, doing consultations and publishing for the last 33 years. He specialises in the areas of HRM, PMS, Employment Relations and Global Supply Chains. He has extensive experience in conducting researching and doing consultancy for international agencies. For example, he has conducted research for ILO, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), EU/USP Employment and Labour Market Programme, Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF), Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF) and Australian Council of Agricultural Research ACIAR/PARDI. He has published 2 books, 2 monographs, 6 book chapters, and 50 articles in international journals. Anand has also presented around 42 papers at international conferences. He has visited and taught in a number of South Pacific Islands countries and is well versed about the South Pacific countries.


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Professor Stephen Pratt is Professor of the School of Tourism & Hospitality Management The University of the South Pacific. He was appointed to this position in September 2018. Previously he was Assistant Professor at the School of Hotel & Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from January 2013. He completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He obtained a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Economics from the University of Sydney.

His research interests include sustainable tourism development (economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism), tourism in small island states and tourist behaviour. He has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in such journals as Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Economics. Stephen is an Executive Council Member of the International Association for Tourism Economics.


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Dr. Nacanieli Rika has a PhD in Accounting. He is Associate Dean Learning & Teaching in FBE and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Accounting & Finance. He teaches Financial Accounting and Accounting Theory. His research interests include Public Sector Accounting and Auditing, Environmental Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibility, and Indigenous Accounting.


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Dr. Rup Singh is the Acting Head of School and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Economics (USP). He teaches postgraduate Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Business Statistics (for the MBA program). He posses strong empirical and modelling skills. Rup has a working knowledge of statistical packages such as STATA, E-views, MicroFit and GEMPAC. His publications in the areas of monetary policy, trade and economic growth are in internationally ranked journals. He has recently completed his PhD in Growth Economics. He has won the Oceania Development Network (2011) research award and the Vice Chancellor’s Researcher Award (2010). He was awarded a gold medal for the best Masters thesis (2007) which got published in the USA. Rup has been consulted by various UN organizations for a number of research assignments concerning broader areas of economic growth and development challenges.


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Dr. Sunil Kumar obtained a doctorate degree in economics from the University of Queensland, Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of the South Pacific. My current substantive position is Senior Lecturer in Economics in the School of Economics. I have numerous years of teaching experience in the areas of Econometrics, Development Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Economic Statistics and various other subjects. I have been involved in teaching Policy Analysis to Pacific Island Students. I have substantial experience in constructing Input-output Tables and using various econometric techniques for analysing economic and social data. I also have experience in using CGE Models for policy analysis. I have been involved in the analysis of poverty and migration for the World Bank research under the GDN project. I have done a number of workshops for the Government of Fiji in my capacity as an economist. I have recently worked for the Forum Secretariat on the EPA trade negotiations for three Pacific Island states. I have a number of publications in the areas of income distribution, poverty, economic sector analysis and migration, renewable energy and economic issues in general. I have also done an article on the effects of global economic crisis on PICs, which will be published in the Commonwealth Journal later this year. My contribution to policy in Fiji has come about through numerous avenues, including media but more formally through Fiji Economic Update. I have also contributed to development Dialogues in the region, namely Tonga and Kiribati.


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Dr. Atishwar Pandaram is a lecturer at the School of Management and Public Administration, USP. He joined the School from the beginning of semester two in 2003. Earlier, he had his secondary and tertiary education in Fiji and Australia. His undergraduate specialization includes mathematics, science, accounting and financial management and economics. Furthermore, he possesses postgraduate qualifications in accountancy, management and economics. Dr. Pandaram has industry experience, from both Fiji and Australia. These encompass management consulting, accountancy, taxation, and information technology. In addition, he has participated in a number of consultation projects. These include UNDP/UNESCO projects.


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Dr. Neelesh Gounder is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Economics at USP. He has a PhD in economics from Griffith University. Dr. Goundar teaches MBA439, Business Economics course with the Graduate School of Business. He is also a Centre Associate at the Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. Dr Gounder is a recipient of the Greg Taylor Award in 2016 by the Australian National University. His research areas include governance and institutions, trade and poverty, and banking and finance.


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Dr. Sione Paea is a lecturer in Mathematics at School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences (USP) who graduated with a PhD in Mathematics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics courses at USP since 2013. Dr. Paea teaches MBA431 – Quantitative Business Analysis with the Graduate School of Business. Dr Paea is passionate about teaching, something that he considers as his core contribution to enrich learning in the Pacific. He has invested his life in teaching and mentoring the hearts and minds of students, as ultimate users, to become wise and genius in mathematics. This is particularly important nowadays because students’ mathematical experience is highly prioritised by most employers. He is interested in doing research on nano-crystal growth, coal pyrolysis, card sorting, and differential equation application. His words of encouragement: “Never quit, aim high, and think big. Never ever think small about yourself. You have to desire and drive to be the best. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it.”


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Dr. Mohan Sellappa Gounder, has been working as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing, Information, and Mathematical Sciences, University of the South Pacific, Fiji. Earlier he worked for a university in Saudi Arabia, Universities (Amrita and Karunya) in India, and a software Industry (Infosys Ltd)India. He has more than 20 years of experience in academics, industry, and research. To his credit, he successfully supervised 6 PhDs, published 3 edited books, 10 book chapters, and more than 50 research papers in reputed international journals and conferences.

He is a Ph.D. in computer science (2009), Masters in Computer Cognition Technology (2002) both from the University of Mysore and a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering (1998) from Bharathidasan University., India His areas of research include intelligent computing, machine learning, computer graphics, and vision.

Dr. Mohan organized and served as a program committee member at various International conferences that are published by IEEE, Springer, etc. He is also a senior member of IEEE and a member of ACS. Dr. Mohan evaluates computer science programs of various universities in USA and other countries for their accreditation as a Program Evaluator at ABET. He has a rich experience with online teaching and learning systems as he implemented and enabled students and faculty members with learning management systems at various institutions. Dr. Mohan has developed curriculum for several bachelors and masters programs in India and Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is teaching Information systems and Data science courses at USP. Fiji.

Dr. Subhash Appanna is a Senior Lecturer in Management and Public Administration. He teaches Operations, Productivity and Quality Management, Strategic Management, Public Policy Analysis, Public Sector Reforms and Governance. Subhash joined USP in 1991 after completing an MA (International Business) from Sophia University in Japan. Since then, he has held various academic and senior administrative positions within the Faculty of Business and Economics.

In 1994 he returned to Japan as a Japan Foundation Fellow and worked with the Japan Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and the Japan Management Association (JMA). He is a member of the Association of Japan Business Scholars (AJBS), Pacific Islands Political Studies Association (PIPSA), Asia-Pacific Forum for Academic Integrity (APFEI) and Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA).

Subhash completed his PhD (D-Phil) in Governance at Swinburne University (Melbourne). Prior to this, he taught at the University of Auckland (2002-4) and was Research Coordinator MBA (2009-12) at the Auckland Institute of Studies. A respected researcher and political commentator, Subhash has published and presented papers in noted journals and international conferences.

Subhash’s involvement in training and development has not been confined to academia; he has conducted a wide range of training in leadership development and performance management for both the public and private sectors. Some of his clients include: AusAID, Transparency International, Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration (PICPA), Social Leadership Training Institute (SLTI), Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF), UNIFem, Fiji Public Service Commission, Telecom Fiji Limited, Yatu Lau Limited, Fiji Airways, Ministry of Health (Kiribati), etc.


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Dr. Baljeet Singh is a senior lecturer in the School of Economics, USP. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching, research and consultancy. He has a wide range of teaching and research experience in Economics and Official Statistics.

He has published and contributed extensively in international journals and conferences. He is also a scientific committee member of several international conferences. He has done several consultancy projects for regional organizations. He has won a number of international research grants from major funding agencies, including GDN and ODN. His research interest includes Development economics, international finance, development finance, women and business, public policy and finance.

Prior to joining academia, he worked at the Economic Planning Office, Ministry of Finance, Fiji.

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Dr. Suwastika Naidu is working as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Public Administration, University of the South Pacific. She is currently teaching project management on the MBA programme. She has around 12 years of experience delivering undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of the South Pacific. Over the last 12 years, Dr. Naidu has contributed around 55 articles to leading international journals and conferences. Out of these 55 articles, around 34 articles are published in international ranked journals. She is currently serving as the co-editor for Island Studies Journal which is based at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Her current areas of research interest include project management, human resource management, digital currency, marketing, e-government, public sector reforms, and small business.

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