Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Professor Randolph Thaman

Contact Information

Email: thaman_r(at)
Phone: +679 323 2993
Office: Room M.270C, Marine Science Building, Lower Campus

Research interests

Professor Randy Thaman is The University of the South Pacific’s longest serving academic staff member. He joined the University in February 1974. He has conducted research in all the USP member countries, most recently on community-based biodiversity in Fiji, Tonga, Niue Tuvalu and Kiribati, and on the floras of Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru and a number of islands in Fiji. Over the years countless USP students have worked with him on these projects. Many of these students now hold important positions with government and non-government agencies in the areas of environmental management and sustainable development throughout the region.

Professor Thaman has published widely on a range of topics of importance to the Pacific Islands. His main areas of research include environmentally sustainable development, atoll and small-island ecosystems, biodiversity, agroforestry, Pacific Island food systems, ethnobiology and traditional environmental knowledge, Pacific Island floras, community-based biodiversity conservation, and ecotourism and urban gardening

Selected publications

Thaman, R.R. 2013. Ethno-biodiversity, taxonomy and bioinformatics for all ages: engaging and educating the next generation of taxonomists as a foundation for sustainable living on Planet Earth – challenges and opportunities. In Brooks, L.A. and Aricò, S. (eds) Tracking Key Trends in Biodiversity Science and Policy. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, Paris, 23–25.

Thaman, R.R., Fihaki, E. and Fong, T. 2012. Plants of Tuvalu Lākau mo Mouku o Tuvalu: a Guide to Indigenous and Introduced Plants of Tuvalu. The University of the South Pacific Press, Suva, 259 pp.

Thaman, R.R., Gregory, M. and Takeda, S. 2011. Trees of Life: a Guide to Trees and Shrubs of The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. The University of the South Pacific Press, Suva, 335 pp.

Thaman, R.R., Puia, T., Togabaea, W., Namona, A. and Fong, T. 2010. Marine biodiversity and ethnobiodiversity of Bellona (Mungiki) Island, Solomon Islands. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 31, 70–84

Thaman, R.R. 2008. Pacific Island agrobiodiversity and ethnobiodiversity: a foundation for sustainable Pacific Island life. Biodiversity 9, 102–110.

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Thaman, R.R., Hassall, D.C. and Takeda, S. 2008. Plants of Nauru: Guide to Indigenous and Introduced Plants of Particular Cultural Importance and Weeds of Potential Threat to Nauru. Secretariat of the Pacific Community Forests and Trees Programme, Suva, 222 pp.

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Thaman, R.R., Bulai, S. and Mathias, A. (eds). 2004. Trees Outside Forests in the Pacific Islands: Proceedings of the Regional Forestry Workshop on Trees Outside Forests, Raffles Gateway Hotel, Nadi, Fiji Islands, 10–14 December 2001. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Pacific Regional Office, Apia and Pacific Islands Trees and Forests Programme, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Suva, 219 pp.

Thaman, R.R. and Pene, F. 2004. Three Rs for Academic Success – Research, Recording and Referencing: Guidelines for Students Doing Library, Internet and Field Research. Institute of Education, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, 85 pp.

Thaman, R.R., Tukiuha, C., Tukiuha, V., Kulatea, M. and Aue, S. 2004. Niue’s biodiversity: a foundation for ecological, cultural and economic survival of a small island nation. In Terry, J.P. and Murray, W. (eds) Niue Island: Geographical Perspectives on the Rock of Polynesia. International Scientific Council for Island Development (INSULA), Paris, 125–202.

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Thaman, R.R. and Whistler, W.A. 1996. A Review of Uses and Status of Trees and Forests in Land-Use Systems in Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and Tuvalu with Recommendations for Future Action. Working Paper 5, June 1996 (RAS/92/361). South Pacific Forestry Development Programme, Suva, 171 pp.

Thaman, R.R. 1995. Urban food gardening in the Pacific Islands: a basis for food security in rapidly urbanising small-island states. Habitat International 19, 209–224.

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Thaman, R.R. 1974. Remote sensing of agricultural resources. In Estes, J.E. and Senger, L.W. (eds) Remote Sensing Techniques for Environmental Analysis. Hamilton Publishing, Santa Barbara, 189–224.

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