First-year STEMP students’ awards night


The School of Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics (STEMP) at The University of the South Pacific (USP) recognised its outstanding first-year students during its Awards Night on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.

The awards were categorised into three distinct groups: the most outstanding students in various majors, the most outstanding students in a specific programme, and the overall most outstanding students in STEMP.

A total of 16 were recognised for their outstanding performance last year, and recipients, Mr Jasveen Singh and Mr Indeevar Nair, who both scored a perfect GPA of 4.5, received the overall most outstanding student award for STEMP.

The awards ceremony celebrated and recognised the student’s academic excellence in juggling educational responsibilities with personal growth and social integration in USP’s multicultural environment.

While delivering his keynote address, STEMP Head of School, Professor Bibhya Sharma, highlighted the significance of this event, “This evening, we gather to honour the outstanding achievements of our talented first-year students from 2023 who have dazzled us with their dedication, passion and remarkable accomplishments”.

Professor Sharma told the students, “There are a lot of adjustments in the first year, lots of challenges that come your way, heaps of attraction nearby and out there, but you have kept your focus and have shown that no goal is impossible”.

He acknowledged the sacrifices the parents make for their children, “To parents, it’s your sacrifice, love, support and guidance that has made this day and event possible”.

Emphasising the role of STEMP, Professor Sharma also mentioned, “We are committed to providing our students with the resources and support they need to thrive academically, socially and personally. Our dedicated staff are here to guide and mentor you every step of the way, and our comprehensive range of services, from academic advising, peer mentoring programmes, state-of-the-art gyms, and counselling, are available to ensure your success.”

Setting the stage, one of the top awardees, Mr Indeevan Nair, majoring in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and originally from Kerala in India, shares his excitement and experience: “I feel great receiving the award. It is the result of a year of hard work, and I feel quite proud to be receiving both awards, one for topping STEMP and one for topping my major. My first experience at USP was great. It couldn’t have been better. The best part was probably interacting with all the mentors and lecturers and all the new things I learnt”.

Mr Nair’s father also shared his happiness and added that “We are very proud of him. It is not just because of his hard work and passion; he is also highly ambitious. I think he has achieved this because of God’s blessings. We hope he will continue this and create a good name in the mechanical engineering field. Basically, I am also a mechanical engineer, but he is far higher than me. So I am very happy about that”.

Mr Shalveen Prasad, a computing science student also shared similar sentiments. “I really believe this achievement as the most outstanding student in CS will help me reflect more on how much I have learned and how well I can do in my second-year studies. I would like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my learning journey. My motivation in studies usually comes from my interest, and I would advise or message other students who are currently doing their first year to work hard and willl be able to achieve something I havee achieved today.”

USP alumni, Ms Georgina Naingulevu, who is currently the Director for Inclusion, Justice and Transformation at Tetra Tech, emphasised the transformative journey new students are embarking upon as they begin their education in STEMP fields.

She highlighted the comprehensive skill sets that students will acquire, tailored to industry demands and innovation, fostering a blend of academic and practical knowledge.

She also reflects on the significance of continuous learning and the role of mentors in shaping their careers, emphasising that the skills learned will not only enhance personal development but also contribute meaningfully to community and global challenges.

The STEMP awards ceremony not only spotlighted the brightest new minds in technology and science but also illuminated the supportive community that fosters such talent and nourishes future leaders of the Pacific.

The school shared its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the sponsors for making the event a huge success. The contributions from industries are invaluable for higher education institutes and the school made this very clear to all. It was noted that such contributions can potentially bring about societal changes and ensure sustainable societies and economies. The sponsors for the event were:

Mr Abhinesh Chand, Director & Principal Engineer, Chand’s Engineering Consultants Ltd
Mr Ronald Narayan, Group Chief Information Officer, Fiji Care
Mr Nirdesh, Relieving Area Manager, Central, BSP Financial Group
Mr James Sharma, Head of Events and Promotions, Vodafone Fiji
Ms Swaran Ravindra, Kastel Technologies
Ms Michelle Chand, Executive Director Aon Nishnick Associates
Mr Prit Chand, Manager Planning-Engineering, Telecom Fiji
Dr Pritika Reddy, Assistant Professor, FNU
Mr Pratap Singh, Managing Director, Entec PTE Limited













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