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Moana: The Rising of the Sea

The Deep, Beautiful but Dangerous Sea.
For anyone who has lived or lives on an island surrounded by the deep,
beautiful, but dangerous sea, the thought that one day your island will be
submerged under water and everyone and everything on it will disappear is
a possibility too cruel to contemplate. And yet, this is happening in several
islands in Oceania already, with more Islanders contemplating their imminent
demise and what that would mean to them as a people, a culture, even a
nation. How does it feel to be forced by the rising sea to abandon everything
you hold dear and flee to another country to live among strangers? If you
had to choose, would you go, or would you stay? “I would rather die here.
Without this piece of land that defines who I am, I am nothing.” Is that what
you would say? And if you should choose to flee, how will you fare? Can
you live with the knowledge that you have abandoned the “bones of your

This elaborate and ambitious Oceanian music-dance-drama is a collaborative
creation born out of a desire to use the performing arts of the Pacific to bring
attention to the most pressing issue for many small Pacific Island nations.
Maybe there is a way out of what appears to be an inevitable outcome.
Maybe the solution to our survival lies in western science marrying
indigenous knowledge. Maybe, like a double-hulled canoe, western science
and indigenous knowledge will safely navigate us out of these dangerous
waters? This is the hope in Moana: The Rising of the Sea.

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