Current Staff

Current Staff

Cultural Awareness

  • Why cultural awareness matters?

    Know Your Destination

    Gender & Development Training


    We take for granted that being cultural aware will help our staff to adjust, and so taking the next logical step we are incorporating a cultural element in the Induction and Development process that will benefit students, staff and the University.

    Information Sessions will be held once a month to:

    -help staff develop an understanding of their own ethno-cultural backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes and values

    -foster acquisition of a greater understanding of, and empathy for, the cultural backgrounds and life experiences of the University of the South Pacific.

    -promote integration of self-awareness.





    Making mistakes is inevitable and things are not always what you think they are. Simple gestures can be misinterpreted - for example, nodding does not always indicate agreement. It might help to think about some of your customs and how they could be different in the Pacific. Remember, there are no 'right' answers.









    Don't wait until you are here to learn a little bit about the Pacific culture or USP.

    You can:

    -Check out travel guides for Fiji or the South Pacific

    -Read local newspapers and magazines and blogs

    -email HR to clarify questions you may have






    -eToolkit and resource material


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