Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

Information on food stalls at Open Day

Bookings/requests for food stalls can be made with the following Open Day committee reps by Tuesday, 5th August 2014.

Here are the guidelines for running a food stall.

  1. Student Associations affiliated with USPSA-Emalus: Please submit your association names  by Tuesday, 4th August 2014 No charge.
  2. Campus Departments/Sections: One stall per department. Please also submit your departmental booking by Tuesday 4th August No charge.
  3. Remaining unallocated stalls: Individual staff members or students can make a request/booking for a food stall on a first-come, first-serve basis 4,000vt.
  4. For those selling Kava in the evening of Open Day, the committee has decided on an additional charge of 2,000vt.

Selling of food by staff and students outside of these food stalls is strongly discouraged.

The following rule applies with regards to food selling: A plate of food cannot be charged for more than 300vt.

If you have any further queries or require clarification please send an e-mail to: emalus_openday.com(at)vanuatu.usp.ac.fj.

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