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Vital Records

Vital Records are those that protect the University’s rights. They are a sub-set of all records created for and on behalf of the University and are those records that the University would require to recover from disaster. They generally are those that protect rights and entitlement.

They are deemed essential (vital) to resume or continue operations of the University, and include records necessary to recreate the organisation’s legal and financial position. In essence they establish and protect the rights and interests of the University and its employees, students, customers and stakeholders at all times. In particular they are those documents that provide the information the University needs to conduct business in the event of a disaster and assist the University to resume normal business afterwards.

Examples of Vital Records include:-

  • original signed contracts or agreements, leases and licenses,
  • official signed copies of minutes of meetings of committees of the University,
  • insurance information,
  • disaster management plans,
  • institutional policies,
  • title deeds and
  • other records documenting the University’s property rights.

In short, Vital Records are considered ‘vital’ because they provide the legal basis for the University’s existence and enable it to recover quickly and effectively from a disaster.

Records Management is the custodian of the Vital Records of the University and hence all areas of the University, administrative and academic, are required to provide the Records Management office with original Vital Record documents, on an on-going basis. Copies can be kept by all departments and will, in almost all cases, suffice as a working reference document. All Vital Records are also captured in the University’s electronic records management system – Records Manager.

Vital Records Lodgement/Registration

Records Management maintains a register and holds Vital Records on behalf of the University. To lodge a Vital Record please complete the Vital Records Lodgement form. For assistance and/or guidance please contact Records Management on (679) 32 31687, or records(at)

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