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Mr. Seru Tagivakatini

Contact Information

Email: tagivakatini_s(at)
Office: Room 8, Geography Building, Lower Campus

Research Interests

Seru Tagivakatini’s research looks at governance at village level and its relation to natural resource management. In doing so, he assessed effectiveness of the dual traditional and contemporary systems of governance at play within the Fijian village setting, their roles in decision-making for the well-being of its members and importantly so for matters relating to natural resource use. His research highlights issues that could be termed as ‘poor governance’ that possibly could provide reasons for natural resource initiatives in Fiji not achieving their expected results. A framework that allows for ‘good governance’ to be enshrined in both traditional and contemporary institutions; and that equally fosters participatory and collective decision-making outlining clearly defined processes and procedures might best work in managing natural resources initiatives in Fijian villages.


Serupepeli Tagivakatini; Carmen Ferreira; Fátima Matos (2016) Village governance in relation to coastal resource management in Fiji: a case study of Namada and Navukailagi villages, Revista GOT, nº 10, p. 355-379 (

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