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Tūrou ‘oro mai. Ka riro te Reo Māori Kuki Airani i te ‘akapāpu mai ē nō ‘ea mai koe, tō‘ou tupu‘anga ē te kapua‘anga. Itiki‘ia te reira ki te papa o tō‘ou ngākau kia riro koe ‘ei toa i te kave‘anga i te reo ki te uki o āpōpō.

At USP, we offer Cook Islands Māori courses for credit to both learners and fluent speakers. The programme is supported by the Cook Islands Ministry of Education.

Programmes in Cook Islands Māori

Flexi school schedule

Conversational Cook Islands Māori

If want to learn (or relearn) Cook Islands Māori, you can take our conversational class (CM101) for credit as part of any programme. It is offered face-to-face at the Cook Islands Campus in both semesters. Enquire at the campus!

Programmes for fluent speakers

If you already speak Cook Islands Māori fluently, you can study the language as part of the following programmes:


UU100, UU114, CM111, LN111, LN118, CM211, CM212, LN216, CM311, CM331, LN317, plus 1 elective from any discipline

Major in a BA with double major

CM111, LN118, CM211, CM212, CM311, CM331

Minor in a BA

CM111, CM211, CM311, plus CM212 or CM331

Teaching subject in a BEd or BAGCED

CM111, LN111, LN118, CM211, CM212, CM311, CM331

BA Pacific Language Studies

CM111, LN118, CM211, CM212, LN216, LN317, CM311, CM331

CM111, CM211, CM212, CM311 and CM331 are taught in Cook Islands Māori. They are offered face-to-face as flexi schools at the Cook Islands Campus. All other courses come from the Linguistics programme and are offered both online (all campuses) and face-to-face (Laucala). You can find out more about them on the Linguistics page.


The first cohort of 20 teachers enrolled in the Diploma in Cook Islands Māori in 2017. As part of their programme, they are taking flexi schools at the Cook Islands Campus, as per the following schedule:

CM111: Cook Islands Māori 1 (Summer 2017)

CM211: Cook Islands Māori 2 (Summer 2018)

CM212: The Teaching of Cook Islands Māori 

CM311: Cook Islands Māori Texts and Translation (tbc 2020)

CM331: Cook Islands Māori Epistemology, Values and Ethics (Summer 2020)

These courses will not run every year. If you are interested in taking any of the programmes listed, you will need to take the above courses as per the schedule, or enquire about the next offerings. All other courses are offered every year in either Semester 1 or 2.

For further information, please enquire at the Cook Islands Campus or contact the Coordinator for Linguistics and Languages

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