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The University of the South Pacific (USP) through its Pacific TAFE is offering workforce development training for the purpose of upskilling and reskilling employees in the private and public sectors and not limited to interested individuals. 

Business landscape is changing rapidly underpinned by globalization and demographic dynamics which are driving towards internationalized benchmarks. It is increasingly apparent that a successful business must find ways of adapting to changing markets, and staff training should be central to any business development plans. Training is one way of ensuring that employees feel valued and return on investment will demonstrate loyalty and reduced staff turnover. Being cognizant of this, USP through Pacific TAFE has expanded its services outside its high quality academic programmes into short course and global certification trainings.

This comes with establishment of an operational unit within Pacific TAFE called Workforce Development Training Unit (WDTU) based in Walu Bay, Suva, Fiji; to respond to the needs of short course trainings in the region. The trainings will be predominantly in the face to face mode whilst attempts are being made to convert them into online. The newly established (WDTU) will also facilitate trainings with international partners where it lacks training packages and suitably qualified facilitators.

Short Course Calendar 2018 (April - December)

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Enrollment Forms

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Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any clarification on our courses and programmes. Details of our contact persons are provided below.


Please visit us at: 

Foster Court, 

107 Foster Road, 

Walu Bay, 


For further information on course details and assistance please contact: 

Vishal Parkas, Telephone: (679) 3312193/3312297 or email: 

Verleshwar Singh, Telephone: (679) 3312195 or email: verleshwar.singh(at) 

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