School of Marine Studies

School of Marine Studies

Dr. Salome Taufa

Dr. Salome V. Tupou Taufa

Title: Lecturer

School: School of Marine Studies

Email: salome.taufa(at)

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Dr. Salome Taufa is currently a Lecturer in Ocean Resources Management where she teaches Marine Resource Economics and Integrated Coastal Zone Management courses. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Public Administration from the University of the South Pacific in 2005.  She obtained her Masters and Phd in Fisheries Economics from the Kagoshima University, Japan in 2014.  Her research was on the supply chain and marketing of fresh tuna, mainly from the Pacific Island countries and Japan.  She has extensive knowledge of the distribution systems for tuna in the Japanese market.  Her research interest now is geared towards the use of rights-based management to manage the marine resources in the Pacific Island countries.   Her research focus is in improving the values derived from the use of marine resources, particularly to communities, through improved management and governance.  Dr. Taufa was a civil servant for the Tongan Government in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forestry and Fisheries as the head of the Economic Division for the Department of Fisheries before joining USP in 2016.


My current research is conducted on rights-based management (RBM) in the Pacific with Tonga as the first research site.  The research is aimed at using RBM to improve the value derived from the use of the marine resources to the Pacific Communities in a sustainable manner.  This research is supported financially by the Environment Defense Fund (EDF), a non-government organization based in the United States. 



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  • Tupou Taufa, S. (2016). Demographic Framework for the Management of the Fanga’uta Lagoon Catchment. Report for United Nations Development Programme, Department of Environment, MEIDECC, Nuku’alofa.
  • Tupou Taufa, S., P. Kara P., Aisea L., Koloi, F., Matoto, V. and Fernandaes L. (2016) Feitu’u Pule’i Makehe (Special Management Areas, SMAs) – lessons learned.  Draft report to the Government of Tonga and to MACBIO, IUCN, GIZ, SPREP, Suva. 
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  • Tupou-Taufa S., M. Kuga, M. Sano.  2013. Actual Situation of the Distribution Structure for Fresh Tuna at Production Wholesale Markets and its Prospects.  Journal of Regional Fisheries 53: 75-107
  • Tupou-Taufa S., M. Sano, M. Kuga.  2013. Analysis of the Distribution Structure for Fresh Tuna from Pacific Island Countries to Japan.  Journal of Regional Fisheries 54: 25-53

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