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Mr. Tolu Muliaina

Contact Information:

E-mail: muliaina_t(at)
Phone: +679 32 32540
Office: Room 18, SGESE Building, Lower Campus

Research Interests

Tolu Muliaina joined the University of the South Pacific as a part-time tutor/marker in 1998 in the (then) Department of Geography, The School of Social & Economic Development (SSED). He went on to become the Subject Coordinator in Geography for (then) newly established Pre-Degree Studies Unit (PDSU) in 1999 housed at the University Extension. He returned to the Department of Geography as Lecturer in Human Geography in 2004. His research interests are in cultural, social & development geography and, in particular, Pacific mobility & development, Indigenous education & pedagogies, Indigenous notions of Sustainability, gender & place-based development, Indigenous epistemology and decolonising research methodologies. 

Research Students

Interested research students are invited to contact him for more information & possible research collaborations.   

Selected Publications

Muliaina, T 2017, In search of meaningful assessment in the university curriculum: the case for culturally relevant pedagogy. Australian Geographer 

Fepulea’i, A, Weber, E, Nemeth, K, Muliaina, T & Iese, V 2016, Eruption styles of Samoan volcanoes represented in tattooing, language and cultural activities of Indigenous People. Geoheritage. DOI 10.1007/s/1237-016-0204-1

Van Zijll de Jong, SL, Dominey-Howes, D, Roman, CE, Calgaro, E, Gero, A, Veland, S, Bird, DK, Muliaina, T, Tuiloma-Sua, D & Afioga, TL, 2011, Process, practice and priorities – key lessons learnt undertaking sensitive social reconnaissance research as part of an (UNESCO-IOC) International Tsunami Survey Team. Earth Science Reviews 107(2001) 174-192. 

Muliaina, T 2007, Health Issues & Assessment in Samoa.  In D’Avanzo, CE & Geisster, EM 2006, 4th edition, Mosby’s Pocket Guide Series: Cultural Health Assessment. 

Muliaina, T 2006, The role of Church in Development in Samoa. ‘Just Change’. July 2006 publication 

Muliaina, T 2005, Mismatched Perceptions: attitudes of remittance recipients & remittance senders and Implications for the future of Remittances flows to Samoa. Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC) Publication.  

Muliaina, T 2005, Migration and Remittances: Threats to Subsistence Living in Samoa. ‘Just Change’.  November 2005 publication.  

Muliaina, T  2004, Asia Pacific Consultations (APC).  Paper prepared by APMRN for International Organization of Migration on the Berne Initiative: Towards the development of an International Agenda for Migration Management: Regional Paper on Asia Pacific. International Organization for Migration (IOM).  

Muliaina, T, 2003, Remittances and Development in Samoa. In Ledale, R, Hawksley, C & Castles, S (eds.), Migration in the Asia Pacific: Population, Settlement and Citizenship Issues. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham. 

Muliaina, T, 2001, Remittances and the Social System in Samoa. Working Paper No. 7. Current Trend in South Pacific Migration. Asia Pacific Migration Research Network. 




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