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Communications Unit

Led by Manager Communications, this Unit is tasked to develop and implement Communications Strategy and generic and specific communications plans; coordinate media interviews, briefings and PR campaigns; develop communication practices and use of professional communication materials and modes. It also undertakes preparation and issuance of statements, articles, and reports to a variety of media outlets in the region, including print, television, and radio. It does regular Media Monitoring to ensure positive image of the University. As per the Media Relations Policy and Guidelines, the Unit also coordinates responses to any media query that may arise. The Communications Unit is also responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the Media Coverage Information Guideline and the Internal and External Communications Guideline for USP staff. On the publications side, monthly USP Beat; Handbook and Calendar; Prospectus; Orientation Guide and the Annual Report are some examples of the high quality work that SPAC produces through the Communications Unit and other sections of the University. 

What We Do

The Communications Unit is tasked with the implementation of the Universityís Communications Strategy and Plan which seeks to develop and deliver strong, differentiated and unified message which can be rolled out University wide across both online and offline materials which will support the USP Brand development. It is also responsible for developing communication practices and use of professional communication materials and modes to engage with both staff and students of the University at all levels. 

The Unit is responsible for producing and disseminating high quality, targeted and impactful collateral both online and in printed version to the University community to ensure timely distribution of news and information on developments within USP in an accessible, transparent and accountable manner. These include USP Beat, Prospectus, Handbook & Calendar, Annual Report, Strategic Plan, website news and articles and other documents. It is also responsible for editing of USP publications to guarantee clarity and accuracy, and information gathering for substantial publication projects.

Coordinating media briefings and Public Relations (PR) campaigns is another key responsibility of the Unit to ensure that the University reliably notifies, shares, persuades and engages major external and internal stakeholders in the affairs of the University. Another core function is to gather information on all the events and activities at the University and then share this information with the widest possible audience, provide technical advice to other faculties, schools, sections and regional campuses of the University relating to the format and content of publications, and the continuous improvement to all USP promotional materials.

The Communications Unit is also responsible for controlling the tukutuku email service or All Staff/All Student emails which are unsolicited emails sent out to large quantity of recipients for the purpose of information dissemination and communication. The All Staff/All Student email distribution lists contain the email addresses of all currently registered University staff members and students respectively. This service is guided by the All Staff/All Student Email Distribution Policy (Policy Number: 10.01.2).

In addition, arranging media interview for the Vice-Chancellor and President and other University faculties/schools/sections and regional campuses; maintenance of the University photo archives; consistent and constant updating of news and information on the main USP website which is accessible by all students, staff, and the general public; and responding to volatile and negative media queries regarding the University and its regional campuses in order to maintain accountability and transparency of its dealing with all its stakeholders. 

The Unit is also responsible for regular media monitoring to ensure that any news, information and content about the University is in accurate context and to keep on top of publicity, trends and to generally manage the reputation of the University in the media and public arena. 

Policy and Guidelines

Policy and Guidelines

  • 2.0  Media Relations Policy and Guidelines - USP engages positively with the Media in order to further its own institutional aims (which support the objectives of all of its Member Countries) and because it believes that a robust and flourishing Media supports just and equitable societies.  This Policy explains how these principles and values are reflected in USPís engagement with the Media on a daily basis. Its implementation will ensure that USPís policies, activities, and positions are effectively communicated and reflected precisely in the Media. The policy will help to ensure that USPís media presence is consistent and that its messages are clear, internally as well as external to the University, in all member countries, throughout the region and beyond. In all of its dealings with the Media, USP seeks to ensure that its image and reputation are upheld. 
  • 1.0  Media Coverage Information Guideline - The purpose of the Media Coverage Information Guideline is to provide guidance to staff in preparing accurate and professional media releases, articles, interviews and responses to the queries that are raised by the media and to define and set out the process and procedures required to be followed by the various sections when requesting media coverage of events, making major announcements, writing articles, and conducting interviews, which assist in raising the Universityís profile regionally and internationally. The Guideline is available on the Policy Library and can be accessed at this link Media Coverage Information Guideline
  • 1.0  Communication Guidelines for Staff of The University of the South Pacific - The Communication Guidelines is aimed at assisting staff to better understand what is expected in terms of communication. It covers various communication modalities, suggests how one might choose which modality is most appropriate for a situation, and provides information on issues such as accessibility, specific notes on common forms of communication, such as email, and raises topics such as boundaries, risks, safeguards, and professionalism. The Guideline is available on the Policy Library and can be accessed at this link Communication Guidelines
  • 1.0  All Staff/All Student Email Distribution Policy - The purpose of this policy is to instruct users on the appropriate use of the All Staff/All Student email system and to provide recommendations on the content of the messages to be sent out in order to reduce recipient complaints, reinforce network security, promote best practice and to make effective and efficient use of the Universityís resources.

    Media and Public Relations

    Media and Public Relations

    Our objective is to assist the media in providing quick, accurate responses to questions about the University. We take a proactive approach in promoting the major achievements of the University by highlighting and promoting major achievements and daily events.

    The Development, Marketing & Communication publishes the USPBeat news magazine.

    For assistance or more information, contact:

    Media & PR Coordinator,
    Tel: (679) 323 2039
    Email: communications(at) 

    USPBeat Issues

    Communications Strategy

    Communications Strategy (2019-2021)

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    The Communications Unit produces a range of publications for the University.

    All requests for the production of promotional materials must be sent to the Communications Manager at  communications(at) Further information, visit the Corporate Identity page.




    Handbook and Calendar 2021

    This Handbook and Calendar is the University’s document of authority. The information contained in it is correct at the time of printing but the University reserves the right to change its statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, programmes, courses and any other contents of this Handbook and Calendar at any time.

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    Prospectus 2021


    The 2021 Prospectus contains comprehensive information on academic programmes and student life at all of USP’s 14 regional campuses. The information on our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including admission requirements and international accreditations, student support services, accommodation options, and campus life activities will assist all prospective students in their decision-making. This Prospectus also includes details on USP’s Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE), which is the university division that offers Skills Based-Qualifications (SBQs), and Foundation and Preliminary Studies, both of which can prepare students for undergraduate programmes.
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    Annual Report 2019

    The 2019 Annual Report is a comprehensive report on USP's activities throughout the preceding year. Its intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about USP's activities and financial performance.
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    Annual Plan 2020

    The 2020 Annual Plan reflects the key priorities and expected outcomes of the Strategic Plan 2019-2021 (SP). The inherent actions are designed to support the achievement of the broader strategic objectives of The University of the South Pacific (USP) in the current triennium. USP, in correlation with other key regional and international stakeholders, plays a critical role in the  socio-economic development of the region, mainly through production of human resource capacity; delivery enabling Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services; and undertaking research that informs policy level dialogue and decisions at the national and regional levels.
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    USP Strategic Plan 2019-2021

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    Email Distribution

    All staff/student email distribution

    The all staff/student email distribution policy has been updated.  

    Emails to University staff and students will be sent only at 12.00pm.

    Only general community announcements that require the attention of all University staff and students will be distributed through these lists. All events will no longer be sent as individual email messages. Notices will be posted on the events page on the University website. 

    Full details of the policy can be found on Email Distribution Policy.  For email or events distribution, send information to: tukutuku(at) 

    Communications Team

    Manager Communications
    Vineeta Nand

    Tel:  (679) 323 1477

    Email: vineeta.nand(at)

    Manager Communications is responsible for providing strategic direction and coordination to the Communications team and is responsible for the implementation of the Communications Strategy and Plan as well as ensures the adherence of the Media Relations Policy and Guidelines, Media Coverage Information Guidelines and the Communications Guidelines for USP staff. 

    Media & PR Coordinator


    Tel:  (679) 323 2210


    The Media and Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for media liaison, issuing of Press Releases, USP Web News and editor of the University Newsletter: USP Beat.

    Media & PR Officer
    Swashna Chand

    Tel: (679) 323 1669
    Fax: (679) 323 1551
    Email: swashna.chand(at)

    The Media and Public Relations Officer provides assistance to Manager Communications and is responsible for media liaison, issuing of Press Releases, USP Web News and editor of the University Newsletter: USP Beat.

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