Language Arts and Media

Language Arts and Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

All LL course codes will be replaced by codes beginning with a new two-letter identifier.

e.g. LL118 will become LN118 (LN = Linguistics) while LL141 will become FR101 (FR = French)


Will the course titles or content change?

No. The courses themselves are not changing. It is just the system that we use to label the courses.


Which courses are affected?

All courses that currently start with LL. This two-letter combination will no longer be used for any course.


Do I need to repeat any courses that I have already passed?



What happens if I have failed a course? Can I still retake it?

Yes. You can retake the course according to the usual rules. 

e.g. If you failed LL104 and are eligible to retake it, you will now retake the course as LT104.


Will my programme requirements change?

No. Your programme requirements will not be affected at all. You will still need to take exactly the same courses in order to graduate. 

e.g. If your requirements say that you must take LL311 (English in the Pacific) and you have not yet taken this, you will need to register for LN311 (English in the Pacific). 


How do I know what my programme requirements are?

Look in the Handbook & Calendar for the year in which you started your current programme. You can access this online from the archive publications online. Check that your requirements on SOLS match the requirements listed in the relevant handbook.


How will I register for my courses?

Online registration will happen in exactly the same way as normal. You will be shown a list of courses that you are eligible to take. You just need to remember to look for the new course codes, rather than the old ones. Remember that the order in which they appear may change in the list, since they are arranged in alphabetical order.

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