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Stress Management Crucial for Saving Lives

Speakers and participants for Stress panel discussion
Speakers at Stress Management panel discussion

The University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus and the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises and Development (FRIEND) came together and organised a Stress Management seminar on 8th October, 2019.

With the rising number of suicide cases in Fiji, which mostly is related to stress the seminar at the USP Lautoka Campus was an ideal platform to explore various means of managing stress to save precious lives.

The seminar titled “Managing Stress in the fast paced world” brought together individuals who had lost their loved ones due to stress, depression and mental health.

Founder Director of FRIEND Sashi Kiran revealed that within 9 months this year 88 people have taken their lives.

Kiran informed that each week two people commit suicide and four more attempt to take their lives.

She stressed that people need to maximise their strengths to overcome any negativity live throws at them.

She pointed out that exercising, dancing or listening to soothing music are some important aspects of reducing the daily stress live in one’s life.

Professional Counsellor Mercy Gogoi revealed that in order for people to develop their coping mechanism and maximise their capability it is very important to understand how an individual spends the first hour of their day.

“This one hour after you wake up clearly defines the way you are going to spend the rest of the day. This one hour you need to focus on your heart set, your mindset, your soul set and your health set."

“Instead of spending time on our electronic devices we need to do some exercise or meditation during this first one hour of the day."

“We have to do some very productive and eat something very health during this period of the day."

She emphasized that people have to inherit the principle of forgive and forget so that by forgiving someone they are able to release the burden of stress from their own body.

Another keynote speaker Peer Educator from the Youth Champs for Mental Health organization Adi Folau informed that maximising coping mechanism is another essential element to manage stress.

Folau revealed that some of the coping mechanisms people can practise every day during times of stress are sharing your problems with your best friend or someone you trust and seek counselling from your community leaders, religious leaders or from professional counsellors.

She emphasized that people also need to reach out to those who are struggling with depression or stress so that they know what to do and whom to reach out to when live pressures are affecting them adversely.

She pointed out that suicide does not happen without warning signs and there are usually indicators which show what actually is happening in someone’s life and people close to them have to take immediate proactive measures before a life is lost.

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