Current Students

Current Students

Presentation of Thesis or Supervised Research Project for Higher Degrees

  1. These regulations are complementary to, and should be read in conjunction with, the university regulations for individual postgraduate degrees.

  2. Three copies of a studentís Thesis or Supervised Research Project, two copies in the case of Masterís students, shall be submitted to the Registrar or nominee. The Thesis or Supervised Research Project may be soft-cover or ring-bound for the purposes of the examination, but before the award of the degree, students must deposit for retention by the university:
    1. two hard-bound copies for those enrolled at Laucala Campus, or three hard-bound copies for those enrolled at Alafua or Emalus Campus, which have been corrected or otherwise modified according to directions of the university; and
    2. an electronic copy of the Thesis in CD or DVD format, to be deposited at the Laucala Campus Library.

  3. The hard bound copies of the Thesis or Supervised Research Project referred to in clause 2 must:
    1. be signed on the title page by the student; and
    2. contain a statement of the studentís requirements regarding accessibility, and
    3. be deposited by the student as follows:
      1. one copy with university Library on Laucala Campus;
      2. one copy with appropriate Faculty of the university; and
      3. one copy for the Library at Alafua or Emalus Campus for those enrolled at those campuses. (The Laucala Campus library Library will accept and forward copies for the Alafua or Emalus Campus Libraries).

  4. The copyright for the Thesis or Supervised Research Project remains with the author.

  5. Every Thesis or Supervised Research Project shall be bound and presented as set out in the British Standards Institution pamphlet entitled ĎRecommendations for the Presentation of Thesesí (BS4821:1972) with the following Addenda:
    1. Paper size: A4 shall be used
    2. References: All citations and references must be consistent within the Thesis. A student is required to adopt an appropriate reference style as for example in any of the following reference works:(i)   
      1. Chicago University Press, A Manual of Style for Authors, Editors and Copywriters. 13th Ed. rev., Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1982
      2. Australian Commonwealth Government Printing Office, Style Manual for Authors and Printers of Australian Government Publications. Canberra : Commonwealth Government Printer, 1966
      3. Gibaldi, Joseph, MAL Handbook for writers of research papers. 3rd Ed., New York : Modern Languages Association of America , 1985
      4. Howell, John Bruce, Style Manuals of the English-speaking World. Phoenix , Arizona : Oryx Press, 1983.

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