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United States of America

The Government of United States of America (USA) has provided assistance to the University in the implementation of project initiatives that are closely linked to the priorities of the University’s Strategic Plan. For some of these assistance, the University has been subcontracted to undertake capacity and research related deliverables.

Key projects and initiatives of the University supported by USA are:

  1. Pacific Islands Coastal Community Adaptation project; 
  2. Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping project;
  3. Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of the Guadalcanal Watersheds project;
  4. Development of the South Pacific Centre for Biodiversity Conservation and Drug Discovery (SPCBEDD) facility;
  5. Developing Conservation Champions: Community-based Conservation Management Course; 
  6. Establishment of the Vanuatu Languages Resource Centre (VLRC) and an inaugural programme of language workshops ;
  7. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Award;
  8. Conservation of American Samoa-origin stock of green turtles in a ley foraging ground in Fiji; 
  9. Train-the-Trainer training class for Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOCTEC) selected regional training partners;
  10. Climate Services Case Studies: Successes, Challenges and Ways Forward; and
  11. Digital Journalism Training.

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