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The Government of France has supported the University in areas such as research, language, marine biodiversity, environment, art, culture, sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy in the region. France has provided assistance for the establishment of USP’s Journalism Programme and currently supports the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education by providing a French language teacher to the Language Department, as well as being one of the main sponsors of the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies (OCACPS). 

The renewable energy projects funded by the French in the past have strengthened USP’s capacity to advance clean energy technologies and contribute towards the sustainable development choices of its member countries.

Specific projects and initiatives of the University funded by the Government of France include:

  1. Valorization of proliferating marine biomass (seaweeds, crown-of-thorn starfish) to improve energy and food security of isolated Pacific communities project;
  2. Design of a Renewable Energy source generator with a Flywheel Energy storage system for supplying energy in Pacific Islands Countries with weak grid (REFEPICS I/II) project;
  3. "Weaving: As Common Pacific Language" symposium;
  4. Banish the Fuel Lamp: Strategies for replacing kerosene/benzene by solar lights; 
  5. Connecting Moana: the common heritage of Pacific Islanders;
  6. Sustainable energy for rural development; 
  7. Development of a Wind-solar Hybrid Renewable Energy System to make USP students fales truly “Green”; 
  8. Research on Community level intensive cage culture of shrimp in Fiji;
  9. Waste Management project; 
  10. Expanding in Range and Depth the Network of Precise Temperature Measurements in Fijian Coral Reefs project;
  11. Processing and monitoring of climate-change data for coral reefs of the Fiji Islands; 
  12. Study on urbanization in Fiji and French Polynesia; and
  13. Research on human-induced pollution in estuaries.

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