USP Kiribati Campus


USP Kiribati Campus


The Kiribati Campus has over 3000 students doing Preparatory, Foundation, Certificate, Diploma and Degree studies at USP.

A USP Centre was first opened in Kiribati in 1976 with the appointment of a resident Centre Director who operated out of a one-room office at the Government Secondary School, King George V School. In 1978 the Centre moved to its current location at Teaoraereke, South Tarawa.  The Kiribati Centre became a USP Campus in 2006. 

The Campus offers a wide range of Distance and Flexible Learning courses, face to face classes and a Flexi-School Programme. The most popular courses are English, Computer Science, Education, Science, Management and Accounting.  The Campus also offers a Continuing and Community Education Programme for the people of Kiribati.

The Campus currently has three academic staff - the Director, the Assistant Science Lecturer and an English Language Tutor. There are 6 Intermediate Staff - the Programme Assistant/Coordinator (Continuing and Community Education), the Coordinator (Foundation Studies), Library Officer, Campus Accountant, the Planning and Development Officer and the USPNet Manager, 9 junior support staff and 4 maintenance and grounds staff (Please see our Campus staff list for full details).

Being the largest employer, the Kiribati Government and Government-owned companies absorb most of the graduates (about 80%). The rest find employment in the private sector or NGO and religious organisations.

The Campus has an active Student Association, which was founded in 2006. The Association organises programmes for students and represent students' interests to the Campus Administration.

For a detailed review of the Campus operation and its future direction, please follow this link to the Kiribati Campus Strategic Plan 2008-2011.

For more information about the Kiribati Campus please contact the Campus Director or call [686] 750 21 085.


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