Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

International Collaborations

The Department of Development, Marketing & Communications will provide the necessary focus, advice, screening and procedural regulation in relation to International Agreements. In addition DMC, through the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President, will maintain records of agreements and related documents, and oversee the provision of web based template documentation and guidelines.

On behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, the Director for DMC must review all International Collaboration proposals. Once a draft agreement for MoUs and Implementation Plans have been agreed upon at the Faculty level or the equivalent both Institutes, it should be send to DMC, the Development Office for review and obtained approval from the Vice-Chancellor and President. The DMC will at that stage notify the Vice-Chancellor and President's Office of the draft documentation and the final MoUs to be endorsed. The DMC may require the Faculty to consult with other relevant campus authorities and to obtain any consequent  necessary approval. Following the final approval and vetting by the Director DMC, the agreement document will be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor and President's Office for endorsement and authorisation.


Statement of Authority

MOU or International agreement is any written agreement prepared by the USP or a 3rd party which is another education institution or organization acting on behalf of one or more educational institutions with whom the University intends to have a relationship with and/or intends to do business, which obligates the University to pay money or other consideration for goods, services, or facilities.

  1. All MOUs and other International agreements must be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor or his/her designee.

  2. Authority to execute a MOU or other International agreement is limited to the Vice Chancellor or his/her designee.

  3. Any MOU or other International agreement that is not reviewed or properly approved / executed is considered null and void.

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