Journal of Pacific Studies


Volume 27

No. 1                                                                                                          Guest Editor Fr ?d? ric Angleviel

The Input of francophone archaeological research in the Pacific


Christophe Sand

Photographing Kanak women in the nineteenth century


Emmanuelle Crane

L'image de Tahiti v?hicul?e par les artistes anglophones et francophones a l'?poque coloniale.


Philippe Bachimon

?Words that go further than words?: The French language and writing in New Caledonia

Hamid Mokaddem

The Black and the Red: Radicalising anti-colonialism in 1970s New Caledonia

David Chappell

Les Uv?ens en Nouvelle-Cal?donie

Dominique Pechberty

What development for Wallis and Futuna?

Fr?d?eric Angleviel

From Franconesia to Euronesia

Michel P?rez

Book Reviews

Houses far from Home: British Colonial Space in the New Hebrides
Margaret Critchlow Rodman

Martha Kaplan

Clothing the Pacific
ed. Chlo? Colchester

Clare Shamier

The new Shape of Old Island Cultures: a half century of social change in Micronesia
Francis X. Hezel

Michael Monsell-Davis


SSED theses, 2002 - 2003


16th Pacific History Association Conference
Noumea, 5 - 10 Dec. 2004


Information for contributors


No. 2                                                                                                                  November 2004

Migrant labourers as British protected persons:
the Gilbertese experience, 1892-1908

Doug Munro, David McCreery and Stewart Firth

Chinese contract labour in the Pacific Islands during the nineteenth century

Bill Willmott

Twice migrants? relationship to their ancestral homeland: the case of Indo-Fijians and India

Carmen Voigt-Graf

Fiji?s women migrant workers and human rights: the case of nurses and teachers in the Republic of Marshall Islands

Avelina Rokoduru

Preferential trade or strong institutions: promoting sustainable development in Fiji

Philip Szmedra

Pigs, mats and feathers: customary marriage in Vanuatu

Sue Farran

Dorothy Shineberg 1927 - 2004
Wise, humane, sagacious: a tribute

List of writings

Doug Munro

Book Reviews

Worlds Apart: a history of the Pacific Islands
I C Campbell

Stewart Firth

New Guinea: crossing boundaries and history
Clive Moore

Ian Campbell

Law and Empire in the Pacific: Fiji and Hawai?i
eds S E Merry  & D Brenneis

Ken Brown

Postcolonial Transformation and Political Conflicts in Oceania
eds W E Murray &  D Storey

Robbie Robertson

A kind of mending: restorative justice in the Pacific Islands
ed S. Dinnen

Jennifer Corrin Care


SSED PhD and MA theses 2003 - 2004

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