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1    When is my pay day?
2    What is my annual rate of pay?
3    I sent in a timesheet some time ago. Why haven’t I been paid?
4    When is the payroll cut-off date?
5    I am leaving, when do I get my final pay and IRS slips?
When is pay day?
For monthly paid staff, the 24th day of the month. For fortnightly paid staff, pay day is every second week on Thursday . This may change because of week-ends and public holidays when payment will be made the last working day before.

What is my annual rate of pay?
Monthly Paid Staff
To arrive at your annual rate of pay simply multiply your gross monthly salary by 12 (monthly paid staff).
Fortnightly Paid Staff
For I&J staff, multiply your hourly rate by 74 and then by 26. For those who are hourly paid, multiply your hourly rate by 88 and then by 26. (Please note this is your annual rate of pay, if you work less than 88 hours a week your actual pay will be less)

I sent in a timesheet/claim some time ago. Why haven’t I been paid?
There are various possible reasons for this.
Reason for non-payment of claim    Action needed
The claim arrived too late to be processed in the current pay run.    None - provided all the paperwork is correct, the claim will be paid on the next available pay run.
The claim has not been authorised by an authorised signatory.    All claims must be signed or e-mailed by an authorised signatory and will be returned by Payroll to the department if this has not been done.
The vote code, rate of pay and dates of employment must match up with a current position on the payroll system.    Payroll will inform the department and Human Resources if this is a problem. They will need to send a contract to Payroll to cover the position. The claim will be paid on the first available pay run after the contract has been processed.
The timesheet has not been received in the Payroll Office.    Timesheets can be held up for all sorts of reasons, lack of an authorised signatory, the timesheet has been lost in transit etc. etc. If Payroll has not received your timesheet you will need to contact your department to check what has happened to it.

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