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Health Series Project

The USP Institute of Education’s Waka Publications programme publishes culturally and linguistically relevant publications to support literacy and language development and curriculum delivery in the Pacific. Publications include picture story books, posters, alphabet books and colouring book, non-fiction books and book series, creative works collections, teacher guides & photocopy-able classroom literacy teaching resources and academic edited chapter books. more>>>

Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference 2018

The Institute of Education (IOE), USP is pleased to announce the Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference (VPEC), 2018. This conference follows the Vaka Pasifiki Education Conference 2016, marking “education for what? Revisited”. VPEC provides an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, presentation of research and best practice, and teaching and learning in Oceania. more>>>

WAKA Publications

IOE's Waka Publications programme continues the work begin in the late 1970s, developing educationally sound, culturally and linguistically relevant, and age appropriate publications. Publications include picture story books, classroom resources, creative works collections, edited scholarly works, and a number of other resources to support education, literacy, language development, and curriculum delivery in the Pacific. Highlights from 2017 include more>>>

Dr Apo Aporosa of the University of Waikato presenting on Kava (Piper methysticum): Demythifying the Pacific's cultural keystone species

Dr Aporosa’s talanga titled “Kava (Piper methysticum): Demythifying the Pacific’s cultural keystone species” was very informative. Dr Aporosa who is of Fijian heritage; from Naduri in Macuata, Fiji. He shared his early experiences with his grandfather teaching him key cultural values through taking part in kava making and drinking. more>>>

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