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  • Enhancing Learning & Teaching Environment Delivered in RMI

    The in-country delivery of the Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL) EDPO8 Course : Enhancing Learning & Teaching Environment,  in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) , is currently delivered by Fellow in Research and Leadership of the Institute, Dr David Fa'avae

    After completing the EDP08 Course, participants are expected and should be able to: Evaluate classroom planning, teaching and learning practices, and learning environments in schools. Explain the basic principles and practices of inquiry-based learning. Design an inquiry-based approach for the investigation of the challenges and issues in teaching and learning. Resolve, individually and collaboratively, a learning and/or teaching challenge in schools. Plan parental/community involvement in a teaching and learning initiative. Monitor student performance in relation to school policy, national standards, and accreditation requirements and lastly the participant should be able to communicate with students, teachers, community, and the ministry, including using ICT effectively, in a culturally appropriate and inclusive manner.

    Public Perceptions of Child Poverty Research in Tonga

    The Tonga Department of Statistics and the IoE R&D Programme have engaged in a collaborative partnership in implementing applied field work capacity research on the Public Perception of Child Poverty in Tonga.

    The R&D Programme Lead of the IoE, Dr Mo’ale ‘Otunuku and IoE Reseach Associate, Dr Teukava Finau leads the research team in integrating local and indigenous knowledge methodology, such as the Fono (Focus Group), to obtain highly inclusive and qualitative data on the public perceptions of poverty indicators and sustainable development from the communities through culturally-specific modes of the Talanoa and the Talanga(discussions).

    Health Series Project

    In collaboration with the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), the Tonga Ministry of Health, and Tonga Ministry of Education & Training to develop, and print a 10-book series (5 Fiction and 5 Non-Fiction books) known as the Health Series. The project aims at improving and supporting key NCD prevention health messaging through picture storybooks for pre-primary aged children in the Kingdom of Tonga.

  • IoE 2019 First Management Committee Meeting

    The Institute's 2019 first Management Committee was hosted by the Dean FALE, Dr Akanisi Kedrayate at the FALE conference room in Laucala Campus on Monday the 25th March, 2019.

    The Management Committee meeting was Chaired by DVC RII Prof. Derrick Armstrong and attended by Dean FALE, Dr Akanisi Kedrayate, HOS SOE, Prof. Govinda Lingam and Director IoE, Dr Seu'ula Johansson Fua, in absence of VP RC and E&I, Dr Guilio Masasso Paunga.

    The agenda of the MC meeting included Director IoE's reporting on the Institute's operational matters including current projects, financial reports, management and institutional developments. The Committee also looked at key areas of strength and weaknesses of the Institute which requires enhancement, necessary for a beneficial growth of the IoE.

    The Committee is scheduled to meet again during the fourth quarter of the year 2019 in following this meeting and to further discuss the future directions of the Institute.

    Strengthening Educational Leadership and Management of Schools in RMI

    The IoE joined the Republic of Marshall Island - Improving Quality Basic Education in its six (6) years, 2017 to 2023, project "Improving the Quality of Basic Education in the North Pacific Project" which is designed to improve public elementary schools in the country. Given the important of context, the project will be responsive to all RMI learning settings.

    Dr Mo'ale 'Otunuku, IoE Fellow in Research and Assessment, and Dr David Fa'avae, IoE Fellow in Research and Leadership leads the IoE team in contributing to the strengthening of educational leadership and management of schools in RMI, inclusive of parents and community engagement.

     Excellence in school leadership is crucial for effective teaching and learning. In support of this, the the project will respond to the need of competencies, practice, mind-sets and policy through evidence based data, training and adaptive mentorship, alignment and improved community engagements deemed necessary for excellence in school leadership.

Talanga in the Republic of Marshall Islands

USP RMI director, Dr. Irene Taafaki, and IOE team members met with key stakeholders on Majuro to bwebwenato, a Marshallese term for discussion and to further elaborate on USP's role in the Improved Quality Basic Education (IQBE) project. Three USP groups are involved in the project - USP RMI, School of Education, and IOE.

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