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Marketing Unit

Led by Manager Marketing, the Unit is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies and plans that support the University’s Strategic Goals. The Unit produces a range of print marketing materials and maintains an engaging digital plan through a strategic web presence, social media channels and multimedia content to ensure clear, concise communication of messages. The Unit also organises University’s marketing events such as Open Day and Vice-Chancellor and President’s selected events such as Medals and Prizes Awards Ceremony. It also liaises with private sector and other organisations regarding sponsorship and cooperation. The graphic designers create advertisements and designs and vet all published materials to ensure that USP is presented in the most professional manner as per the University’s Brand and Style Guide. The Unit also coordinates the Executive Marketing Committee which meets to consider and approve marketing campaigns and collaterals for enrolment. 

What We Do

The Unit is guided by the Marketing Strategy and Plan which is derived from the University’s Strategic Plan and is a set of strategic objectives with operational plans to achieve the vision of the University. The key role of the Unit involves conducting marketing campaigns with a view to increasing enrolments and have a proactive approach in engaging external and internal stakeholder support for the University. It has dedicatedly included regional students in marketing materials to develop campus-specific Marketing Plans. All regional campus marketing material have been customised to each campus. The effective marketing and enrolment campaigns are useful in attracting prospective students from within USP member countries and beyond. The Unit works closely with faculties, sections and regional campuses to ensure that the marketing plan and campaigns conform to the Marketing Strategy and branding of the University.

The Unit manages a marketing events calendar to promote the University as well as coordinate committee meetings for Executive Marketing Committee on the marketing plans and activities for each semester and campus. It has been steering Focus Group sessions with high school students and first year University students to evaluate their feedback on the University’s marketing methods and outreach programmes. Feedback and analytical reports from Focus Group sessions as well as various Marketing Surveys conducted assist the Unit in analysing what strategies work for the University and making appropriate recommendations to the Executive Marketing Committee. In addition to the above, the University Graphic Artists are also based in the Marketing Unit although they provide support to other sections of the University as well.

The Unit has been instrumental in increasing USP’s marketing campaign through social media and digital marketing. It has been implementing the Digital Marketing Plan to increase digital marketing activities as compared to traditional marketing activities. Assistance in digital marketing is also provided to regional campuses. 



The University’s main marketing events are organised by the Marketing Unit. These include the Open Day, Medals and Prizes Awards Night and others as requested by the Vice-Chancellor and President and Director SPAC. The Unit also provides assistance and support for all other University Events.

If you require assistance with events, please contact Marketing and Events Coordinator, Anabelle Chand, email: anabelle.chand(at) or call (679) 3232 427.

USP Events



Staff wishing to place advertisements are requested to book online (via the staff kiosk) and follow guidelines made available on the Staff Online Services. USP contract rates with some media outlets are also provided.

Further information, contact:

Josefa Uluinaceva,
Graphic Artist
Tel: (679) 323 2358
Email: uluinaceva_j(at) 

Graphic Design Requests

For your graphic design needs, please download and fill the 2 forms provided below:

The forms allow you to fill in directly in pdf and tick appropriate boxes. Read instructions carefully before you email the filled forms to either

Josefa Uluinaceva 
email: uluinaceva_j(at) 
Tel: (679) 323 2358


Loriza Bano
email: loriza.bano(at) 
Tel: (679) 323 2355

PLEASE NOTE: The Manager Marketing, should be copied in Graphic Design Request email.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

The Marketing Unit is responsible for managing the process of ensuring the University brand and logo guidelines are followed as per the University Style Guide.

Sections that wish to produce stationery (letterheads, business cards) or promotional material (i.e. posters, brochures, etc.) should fill in the Job Request form and email it to advertising(at), to ensure that proper logo is used and USP’s Style Guide is followed.

USP Style Guide

The USP Style Guide provides detailed guidelines for:

  • Email Signature
  • Publications (including promotional brochures)
  • Advertising
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Website
  • Signage

If you intend to use The University of the South Pacific brand and/or logo for additional purposes not stated above, you must make a request to:

Jo Uluinaceva,
Graphic Artist,
Tel: (679) 323 2358
Email: uluinaceva_j(at) 



Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy (2019-2021)

Download (size: 0.8MB)

Marketing Team

Our Team

Manager Marketing
Ronita Prakash

Tel:  (679) 323 2051
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: ronita.prakash(at)

Manager Marketing is responsible for the Marketing Unit and oversees the implementation of its key functions and role are consistent with the Marketing Strategy and Plan as well as with the University’s Strategic Plan. This includes marketing, social media, advertising, events coordination, sponsorship, the University’s Corporate Style Guide and graphic design.

Marketing & Events Coordinator
Anabelle Chand

Tel:  (679) 323 2427
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: anabelle.chand(at)

Marketing & Events Coordinator is responsible for the co-ordination of University events that include Open Day, Medals & Prizes Ceremony, School Expos and Visits and other key University-wide events of the Vice-Chancellor & President. The position also assists with protocol and other sections which coordinate and organise events.

Marketing Assistant
Charleen Rajan 

Tel:  (679) 323 2328
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: charleen.rajan(at)

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for assisting the Manager Marketing and the Marketing and Events Coordinator in achieving the targets for the Marketing Unit.

Graphic Artist
Josefa Uluinaceva

Tel:  (679) 323 2358
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: uluinaceva_j(at)

Graphic Artist is responsible for the graphic design of University publications and marketing materials as well as the University’s print advertising. The position is also responsible for designing and coordinating staff vacancy advertisements coordinated by the Human Resources Office.

Graphic Designer
Loriza Bano 

Tel:  (679) 323 2355
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: loriza.bano(at) 

Graphic Designer is responsible for the graphic design of University publications materials such as USP Beat, Annual Report layout, Handbook and Calendar, Prospectus and Orientation Guide and marketing collaterals.

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