Academic Careers

Wilfred Fimone, PhD Candidate, Stanford University

Wilfred Fimone was a gold medallist in Linguistics in 2014. He progressed straight onto a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics and then a Masters, focusing on his own language, Rotuman. He then scooped another gold medal for the best MA thesis across the whole university in 2021, before being awarded a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at Stanford University in the US. He is currently analysing style shifting in Fiji English.

Evangeline Christina Narayan, USP Candidate, USP

Evangeline Christina Narayan is working towards a PhD in Applied Linguistics. She is investigating the complex relationship between language and the learning of early primary mathematics in Fiji’s English-medium system. She builds on her 2020 MA study in which she revealed that Fiji’s English syllabus is not designed around principles that enable students to acquire English effectively as a second language. Given that students are expected to learn all other subjects (including mathematics) across the curriculum through English, it is important to understand how young learners manage this situation in the earliest years of their education.

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