Professional Translators

Jane Kanas, Language Service Officer, SPC New Caledonia

Jane Kanas has completed a BA in Literature/Language and History/Politics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics, and an MA in Linguistics. She has since used her language skills in many fields, including as a freelance translator, a language teacher, an instructional designer, a student learning support specialist, and a language service officer for SPC in New Caledonia. A passionate advocate for language and culture, she was a contributor to Sista, Stanap Strong: A Vanuatu Women’s Anthology, and a contestant on Series 3 of Pacific Island Food Revolution.

‘Elenoa Veikune, Interpreter and Translator, Tonga Attorney General's Office

‘Elenoa Veikune graduated with a single major in Literature/Language and a minor in French in 2019. Following graduation, she worked briefly as a research assistant on the project Linguistic Landscapes of the Contemporary Pacific (co-authoring an A-ranked journal article titled ‘Digicel! Topap long ples ia! An international telecommunications company making itself at home in the urban landscapes of the Pacific’), before taking up a full-time job as an Interpreter in the Attorney General’s Office in Tonga. In this role, she is responsible for translating legislation and litigation files from English to Tongan, and vice versa.

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