Roles in the Language, Culture and Heritage Sector

Mikaele Sela, Project Coordinator, iTaukei Trust Fund Board

Mikaele Sela completed a double major in Linguistics and Fijian in 2007, immediately followed by a postgraduate diploma in Linguistics in 2008. He was offered a Teaching Assistant position with the then School of Language Arts and Media (now SPACE) facilitating UU114 (English for Academic Purposes) in Laucala and the regional campuses before joining the iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB) in 2013 where he currently works as a Project Coordinator. He is passionate about indigenous languages and cultural systems and how they have evolved and adapted in society today. Having an educational background in Linguistics and Fijian Language studies from SPACE USP has been critical in his work at TTFB in terms of designing, implementing, and monitoring the language and cultural programs currently being implemented for the wellbeing of iTaukei and Rotuman communities in Fiji.

Coral Pasisi, Director of Climate Change at the Pacific Community (SPC)

Coral Pasisi has worked for SPREP, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the Green Climate Fund, and is currently the Director of Climate Change for SPC. In February 2023, she had the privilege of addressing the United Nations Security Council Ministerial high level open debate on sea-level rise and its implications for international peace and security. Despite holding advanced degrees already, Coral also took the opportunity to study Vagahau Niue at the USP Niue Campus, not just for her own journey, but because it is her children’s birthright to capture this heritage, take ownership and embrace the fullest meaning of tagata Niue.

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